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Re: [milgenire] School Records

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  • Donnacha
      You can read Miller Clifford s military career here:   http://www.archive.org/stream/royalmilitaryca04goog#page/n8/mode/1up   You will notice that in 1804
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      You can read Miller Clifford's military career here:
      You will notice that in 1804 he was appointed to the staff in Ireland.
      I thought one possibility is that William Hall and Miller Clifford were brother officers.  Unfortunately there is no mention of William Hall in any of the five volumes of the Royal Military Calendar.  Nor does he appear in the List of Officers Killed or Wounded in the Peninsular War. 
      On to the Army Lists for the timespan you had in mind.  Many of the Army Lists are to be found at the Internet Archive.  They are not so plentiful for farther back.  I've taken a look at the 1826 List, which is available, and there is a Wm. Hall listed in it as a Captain in the 81st Regiment of Foot (The Loyal Lincoln Volunteers).  Interestingly, this is the only Wm. Hall listed; I expected to find more!
      You may see some connections in all this with the other material you have.

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      Hi Donnacha - I know that William Hughes Hall was in the army in East
      India, that he married & had 2 children & that he died there. I know
      what became of his wife & children. What I am trying to learn is when
      his father died & if he was in the military as well. His father died
      between 1807 & 1825. In 1825 his mother was living in Pimlico
      England. Her name was Hope & I believe her maiden name was Clifford.
      William Hughes was born & baptized in Waterford Ireland. The Clifford
      Family I believe she was part of was the family of Miller Clifford, a
      Justice of the Peace, who died in 1793 in Wexford, Ireland. William
      Hughes' cadet application had no letters of recommendation of his
      ability or character as others I have read did & he was recommended
      to William Wigram the director by his mother. Although it did say he
      had gone to the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst, it seems odd to
      me that a young man with no references who was recommended by his
      widow mother would be accepted in the East India army unless the
      director was already familiar to him. William Wigram was a cousin of
      his mother & Hope was the sister of Lieutenant Colonel Miller
      Clifford. I am trying to learn about his father as well as what
      became of his mother. I have not been able to find out anything more
      of them. Any ideas?
      Thanks....Mary Ann

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