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Re: [milgenire] Youghal Military in 1812? Alexander Hobert

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  • Donnacha
    Hi Diana, 1800-1815 was the period of the Napoleonic Wars and Cork was more or less the centre at which the British Army was marshalled and dispatched to
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      Hi Diana,
      1800-1815 was the period of the Napoleonic Wars and Cork was more or less the centre at which the British Army was marshalled and dispatched to battle. Indeed much of the great complex of forts and defences in Cork and the Harbour owe their existence to this period in which "The French are coming" was an idea well justified by the sight of Napoleon's progress through Europe.
      The best place to look for evidence of your ancestor's military service if he was an officer would be the Army Lists of the day. Many of the later lists are freely available online at Internet Archive (  http://www.archive.org/  )
      A detailed accont of the Army Lists can be found here:
      The trick is to take some of the literal title from this table of lists and search for that List at the IA; e.g. one search might be "A List of the General and Field Officers"
      There isn't much of the earlier material there unfortunately,and what there is there I took a look for Hobart, Hobert and Hubbard and came up blank. But the army lists are definitely what will tell you whether your oral history of this man is accurate. They won't of course tell you anything about anyone other than officers.

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      Subject: [milgenire] Youghal Military in 1812? Alexander Hobert
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      Good evening all!
       I have just joined the list and have some basic questions. I'm trying to find my 3rd great-grandfather Alexander Hubbard/Hobert who was supposedly in the military in County Cork, Ireland. I actually created the IrelandGenWeb 30 years ago, but it's been a while since I've done Irish research, and I realize there are now resources that weren't available then. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! And reciprocated if you'd like...
      My 3rd ggrandfather was was known as "General" Alexander Hobert by his descendants, but no one has ever verified his service. Family lore says he was from county Cork and  I "guessed" that being from Cork, he might have been from Youghal. A distant cousin claims to have found his marriage to Mary Jane Gilmore in the church in Youghal.  However, I've not seen it. He was Church of Ireland/England and she was Catholic and their families were supposedly in great controversy which is why they left Ireland.
      Supposedly,  Alexander Hobert was born 5 Sep 1779 (on his tombstone) in County Cork, Ireland, served during the War of 1812 (on the British side), returned to Ireland, got married to Mary Jane Gilmore in approximately 1815 and then brought his wife and one child to Canada, and eventually to the US, via the Niagra area to Hemlock, Warren Co., Pennsylvania, to Cincinatti, OH and finally to Rock Island, Il in 1837 where five generations have lived ever since.
      He died 13 Apr 1855 in Rock Island, County and is buried in Drury Family Cemetery next to his grandson.  That is virtually all we know of him; just the story of how he came, with absolutely no documentation until he reaches Rock Island, Il in 1837.
      Is it possible to determine what units were in Youghal at that time (1800-1815)? Or which Irish units fought in the Americas during the War of 1812?
      Is it possible to find a military record for him? I've already tried to search the British Archives, but without a unit, it seems impossible. I would think that finding his military record would be the first thing to do, to lead to more clues.
      Any help, or suggestions on how to begin would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks all!
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