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Re: [milgenire] Royal Barracks (Collins Barrack) Benburb St Dublin

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    Hi Donnacha,  I was starting to think the whole of Dublin was a British Army barracks and I lived within walking distance of all those barracks. Wanting to
    Message 1 of 6 , Mar 31, 2011
      Hi Donnacha, 
      I was starting to think the whole of Dublin was a British Army barracks and I lived within walking distance of all those barracks. Wanting to find a relations parents  I ordered several  birth registrations certs from GRO and the only match I got was a COI record verified by the fathers name and occupation. Then I wasn't sure because the person I have was catholic so I decided to check some more records and found William Walsh at Royal Barracks with all 4 children registered different birth years  all on the same page which is also odd also COI.
      His occupation "Store Keeper" wasn't sure if that was military, I'm not that familiar with military I'm just looking for family and finding so many  were in British Army,RIC and DMP it was just an occupation they had to work to eat.
      Again thank you for taking the time to respond to me. I will look at the W097 records again I am getting a little more familiar with them now.
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      Subject: Re: [milgenire] Royal Barracks (Collins Barrack) Benburb St Dublin
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      Date: Thursday, March 31, 2011, 6:37 PM

      Hi Marie,
      Collins Barracks, Dublin, took that name in 1922 with the formation of the Irish Free State. Prior to that, under the United Kingdom in which Ireland was includedby the Act of Union of 1801 the barracks was known as Royal Barracks (to add to the confusion, Victoria Barracks, Cork, was also named Collins Barracks with the 1922 changeover).
      Beside Royal Barracks there were many other barracks in Dublin.There used to be an extremely useful site dealing with Dublin that had many photos but unfortunately I haven't seen it for quite a while and mislaid the original link I had with changes of computer.  All the following have been mentioned as Dublin Barracks:
      Aldboro House
      Beggars Bush Barracks
      Island Bridge Barracks
      Linen Hall Barracks
      Marlborough Barracks
      Pigeon House Fort
      Portobello Baracks
      Richmond Barracks
      Royal Barracks
      Ship Street Barracks
      Wellington Barracks
      As you will see from the video of Collins Barracks alone, which was the largest in the British Empire, the barracks complex in Dublin was huge. (It has be said that Britain tended to hide its army in Ireland tor frustrate potential enemies attempts to estimate its size).
      The operation of the barracks involved a huge staff over and above the troops stationed there at any time. In filling the jobs that arose it was customary to favour 'old soldiers' and ex-army men in general so it is very possible that your man had seen service. I seem to remember you are familiar with WO97 which is searchable at the UK NA. Take a look at the following for WO97, WO119, WO121. These records are fairly complete for the mid-century period you are looking at. I would be inclined to look at the date range since the later date is mostly the date of discharge it being the date of the latest record on the file. Taking this into consideration with the "age at discharge" given in the short description will help you hone inonpossible candidates.
      The fact that the birth is recorded COI may indicate that Wm Walsh was from England. Don't know what other evidence you have in that regard.

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      Subject: Re: [milgenire] Royal Barracks (Collins Barrack) Benburb St Dublin
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      Hi Margaret, thank you wasn't sure exactly what a store keeper would be in relation to the military makes sense now that you have explained it. I am originally from Dublin I visited the musuem last year when I was there. I do remember it as Collins Barracks.  
      Dublinheritage is where I got the information, 
      Another question his daughter married 1864 and her residence was House of Industry Hospital. I know Infirmary Road is near Benburb St did that address have anything to do with the barracks or army hospital.
       I'm doing the family tree and found so many relatives married to british army men. I have a listof all the barracks in Dublin and surrounding counties.
      Thanks so much
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      Subject: Re: [milgenire] Royal Barracks (Collins Barrack) Benburb St Dublin
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      Date: Tuesday, March 29, 2011, 8:39 PM

      Hi, yes Collin's Is an Army Barracks. It still functions at present.
      But it also has a museum attached. Google same for info.
      Ireland was under British rule till 1922, so he could've been
      Irish. A store keeper would have looked after uniforms etc.
      The living quaters for families of soldiers was behind the Barracks
      In Blackhorse lane. I don't know when they were built though. 
      Maggie the Dub 

      On 29 Mar 2011, at 19:36, "MARIE" <nolanm@...> wrote:

      Hello all, I have located a record for a relative living in the above barracks, the record is birth registration St Paul(COI)1837-1843 for the children and the address is Royal Barracks. The fathers name is William Walsh his occupation is listed as store keeper no regiment or #. Is that an army occupation and would the families of soldiers be living there also. I'm not sure if he was Irish or English I haven't gotten to that yet.
      If you can clear this up for me I would really appreciate it.
      Thanks so much

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