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Daniel and James Dougherty

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  • bmagaoidh
    I have been researching the wife s Dougherty/ Doherty side for a number of years and had previously posted on this list. I thought I would post some of the
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      I have been researching the wife's Dougherty/ Doherty side for a
      number of years and had previously posted on this list.
      I thought I would post some of the stuff I have gathered. I apologise
      for the length of this and for it being a bit haphazard, but I have
      cut and pasted from a document I collated. Hopefully, someone may be
      able to add to it or even gain something from it. Some of you might
      recognise bits of it from your own replies to me in the past.

      1850-1852: John Dougherty had son Daniel, born in Donegal.

      May 1868: Daniel Dougherty enrolled in to British Army. His papers
      state he is 18 years old and is from Donegal from the parish of Roles
      (?)/ Roges , near the town of Ballyshannon. He was discharged
      Daniel joined the 29th Brigade, 28th Regiment of Foot on May 1868,
      aged 18. He was home from 9 May 1868 to 21 Sep 1868. (I think he was
      in Belfast).
      Gibraltar 22/09/1868-6/ 03/1872.
      Malta 7/03/1872-17/ 12/1975
      Hong Kong 18/12/1875-4/ 01/1878
      Straits of Telle????? 05/01/1878-11/ 05/1879
      Home 12/05/1879-15/ 03/1880
      India 16/03/1880-25/ 11/1880
      Home 26/11/1880-27/ 02/1881
      S. Africa 28/02/1881-4/ 05/1881
      Mauritius? 05/05/1881- 18/11/1883
      S.Africa 19/11/1883-29/ 10/1885
      Home 20/10/1885-15/ 12/1885

      Although the writing is bad, when he was home in 1879, he was in Cork
      Harbour, Waterford and Tipperary and another place which I cant make
      out. It also states he was in stationed in Castle on 04/03/1881 but
      am unsure if this is a name of a ship. According to the army records
      he as married in Jan 1881, so I am not sure if he met his wife while
      he was stationed in Ireland.
      It also looks as if he was transferred to 58th Foot in May 1880(?)
      and 2 Northampton 1881? However, I believe that the 48th Reg. Became
      known as 1 Batt of Northanpton Regiment.

      1881: Marriage between Daniel Doherty & Johanna Flynn
      20th January 1881, Daniel Doherty (Bachelor) married Johanna Flynn
      Daniel was 29 years and was a Private in the 48th Regt. He resided
      Barracks, Tipperary. Johanna was 19 years and resided in Spittal,
      Daniels father John Doherty (Hackler) was deceased. Johanna's father
      Timothy Flynn (Labourer) was also deceased.
      It was witnessed by John McManus Corpl 48th Regt and Mary (?)

      Timothy Doherty born in 22/07/1881, though the writing for the day is
      hard to read.
      His father was Daniel Doherty, soldier, mother was Johanna Flynn,
      Flynn. He was born in Union Workhouse, Tipperary, and the birth was
      registered 11/08/1881. (3 qtr, Vol3. p160).

      1889: Daniel and Johanna had a daughter Johanna born in Belfast.

      According to his army file, Timothy states he was 19 years and born
      in Belfast, although this is incorrect. On 10-11-1899, his medical
      examination certified he could join the Royal Irish Fusiliers.
      According to his Short Service record, he had previously been in
      Antrim Artillery (The Antrim Artillery was one of several militia
      artillery units round the coasts of Ireland Britain and could be
      described as the forerunners of the Territorial Army. This may be
      significant. The artillery militia were usually armed with large
      calibre older guns in fixed positions for coastal defence, often
      sited near important ports (Antrim Artillery manned the guns
      at Carrickfergus to protect Belfast.) Also, they came under the
      control of The Royal Garrison Artillery - R.G.A.

      Timothy joined the Royal. Irish. Fusiliers in Armagh on 14/11/1899.
      However, on 19/1/1900 he was in the guardroom awaiting trial for
      absenting himself without leave (?) and losing by neglect, arms,
      clothing & Regt necessaries (?). He was imprisoned for 28 days, and
      then released to duty on 19/2/1900.
      On 09/03/1900 he was in the guardroom again for the same offence,
      and sentenced to 84 days.
      On 30/06/1900, he was again in the guardroom and sentenced to 1 year
      and discharged from HM Services
      On the 17/07/1900 he was in prison and on 21/07/1900 he was
      discharged with ignomy!

      Other details on the file name his next of kin as:
      Father - Daniel
      Mother - Hanna
      Brother - John, and another one might be called David or Daniel?
      Alternatively it might be John's middle name?

      Interestingly, under distinctive marks etc, it is written:
      Crossed Hands left fore arm,
      Erin Go Braugh Bird letter
      **Crossed Hands right fore arms. (The crossed hands are possibly a
      variation on the theme of Fides, the Roman Goddess of faithfulness.
      Her symbol was a pair of intertwined hands representing fidelity,
      faithfulness, a reliable friend etc.)

      04/01/1900 Timothy married his first wife, Mary Tiffney in Belfast.
      According to the marriage certificate, he was aged 19 yrs and was a
      soldier.I have been unable to trace him in the Belfast 1901
      Census, but found a Timothy Doherty, aged 19 yrs .in the 1901 English
      Census. It looks as if it is a barracks. The details are :
      Civil Parish: Seaforth.
      Eccl. parish:Seaforth St. Thomas.
      County: Lancashire
      Country: England.
      Source Registration: RG13/ 3444.

      According to this record, Timothy was a Gunner in the
      R.G.A., Aged 19 years. However, it states he was
      single? I found a James Doherty in the same barracks,
      who I think was his brother??

      1903: Timothy Dougherty, 1st wife Mary Tiffney. They had a son Thomas
      Henry Dogherty, born 11/04/1903 in Belfast Workhouse.

      Timothy later married Mary Brown. At one stage in WW1
      he was reported dead or missing, but I think he was
      later found in a hospital. He was to die in Belfast
      on 04/05/1918 of war wounds, and is buried in Milltown
      Cemetery. His number was 5480, 2nd Batt. Royal Irish
      Rifles, and he was a rifleman.

      1918:Timothys Dohertys Death certificate. Here is the information
      from that.
      District: Belfast Urban No 2.
      No 318.
      Date and Place of Death: Fourth May 1918, Military Hospital Clifton
      Name and Surname: Timothy Doherty, 13 Cairns St.
      Age last birthday: 35
      Occupation: Soldier
      Certified Cause of Death: G.S.W. 5 months Septicaemia.
      Signature, Qualification and Residence of Informant: Wm. Jno Keenan
      present at death Military Hospital Clifton St.
      Registered: Sixth May 1918.

      Timothy may have had a brother called James, who in 1920, according
      to a Belfast birth cert I have seen, was a soldier.
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