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83Re: [milgenire] Re: Royal Artillery

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  • Annette Code
    Nov 24, 2010
      I looked through Michael Connor, Galway www.labs.familysearch.org
      Michael Connor birth registered Oct-Dec 1880 #101057 Vol.4 Pg. 242
      Galway Registration District
      Michael Connor birth registered Apr-June,1880 #101057 Vol.4 Pg. 237
      Galway Registration District
      If you have nothing but time you can go through the counties, or just put in Ireland and get 1,066 records, both birth,marriage,death US Census and passenger records
      I didn't look at the WWI records.
      Would he not be in the 1901 Census age 21? There were 17 for Galway but if you aren't sure of where he was from that could take you ages.

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