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    Nov 24, 2010
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      Hi Annette,
      Sometimes a second pair of eyes can spot something that I may have missed. I have tried findmypast and exactly as you said the records I purchased I had no way of telling if the Michael Connor/O'Connor was correct. Same thing with nationalarchives.gov.uk I paid for records and same story there. I feel my best bet is my grandfathers birth cert born 1880 that would at least give me an address. If he had been in WW1 also there would have been a record on Ancestry.Com. He may not have signed up in Galway it could have been anywhere in Ireland or for that matter England.
      Thank you so much for trying I really do appreciate it.
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      In the Military Attestations Index Royal Garrison Artiller 1872-1915
      just two Michael O'Connor on the website www.irishorigins.
      Limerick WO96/1401 and Cork St. Finbar's WO96/1322
      each full record on this particular membership will cost 10 British Pounds!!
      There are 94 Connor's, Only 1 in Galway a Francis Connors
      I checked www.findmypast.co.uk and the way the military records are set out it would be next to impossible to get the right record again without paying a fortune.  There are 376 records - perhaps - for Michael O'Connor. What they do is send you to a page
      that is by alphabet, but you don't necessarily find anyone on that page.  
       I have points that I've already paid for and  tried one just to see but can see having used the program before that it would be useless to go further:
      Boar War 1899-1902
      Connor, Captn.The Royal Irish Fusiillers (Princess Victoria) AL20 reference no and no further information.
      There is just one with a full name of Michael John, 4 have the initial M. and 1 a M.O.
      the balance have no first initial or name!!
      There were many 1914 records but you note he is deceased by 1900.
      Sorry Wished I could of done more. Annette

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