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79Re: [milgenire] Re: Royal Artillery

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  • Annette Code
    Nov 24, 2010
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      Have you tried www.rootsireland.ie  as stated don't worry about the O' many of the search facilities just drop it for convenience. or run it together as in OConnor.
      I have a membership in a group that has the National Archive collection - there are some Irish in there, I will look and get back to you.
      Annette Code
      ps I would think depending on the year Artillery could range in the size of the armament just from watching movies you can see the progression in the distance the shells can travel.

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      Subject: [milgenire] Re: Royal Artillery
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      Hi Donnacha, I've only just picked up this message thank you. I was in Ireland in October hoping to get some more information on the O'Connor's to no avail. I did what you said had GRO check from 1879-1882(My grandfather) for a birth entry with mothers maiden name Hogan but they found no match. I have a question if Michael O'Connor (g grandfather) was a private in the artillery what exactly is that. Would it be big guns,cannons etc.,????. I looked at the 1st Boer War monuments, the Connaught Rangers only because he came from Galway. I know that GRO Ireland have military records but you must have the regiment name and #. I'm hoping that just like the McAllister's, it turned out I was looking at a William we knew him as Billy his first name was actually James and I came across his marriage record in Scotland and only recognized it because my great grandparents were listed on the document.
      I really appreciate any kind of help I can get.
      Thanks again

      --- In milgenire@yahoogroups.com, Donnacha <ddgrant2004@...> wrote:
      > Hi Marie,
      > I've been looking at your original inquiry again and the following points strike me:
      > I wouldn't pay any attention to family stories about the O'Connor name.  It is more the norm than the unusual for this type of name to have several variations in use.  In my own personal experience  of my godfather's family they were known as O'Connor, Conner or Conners.  Similarly with my O'Briens and O'Callaghans.  And this is before the 'relaxed' approach to names at the Registrars office.
      > For example, if you look at the search results for O'Connor deaths in Irish Index to BDM which is online at the LDS you will see that the variation Connor is returned:
      > http://search.labs.familysearch.org/recordsearch/start.html?datestamp=1203730494621#surname=O'Connor&deathYear=1880&deathPlaceId=8003251&searchType=close&p=recordResults&givenName=Michael&deathPlaceLoc1=Galway%2C%20Ireland
      > (This is using the year of death as 1880; you will see that a range either side of that is returned).
      > Homing in on the range will depend on what information you have from other sources.  The same goes for a marriage entry (always assuming it took place from 1864 onwards):
      > http://search.labs.familysearch.org/recordsearch/start.html?datestamp=1203730494621#marriagePlaceLoc1=Galway%2C%20Ireland&marriagePlaceId=8003251&surname=O'Connor&marriageYear=1880&searchType=close&p=recordResults&givenName=Michael
      > These, of course, are not military inquiries and you should pursue them with the appropriate Galway list which you will find listed on the Rootsweb main page.  By the way, I should say that it is a rare day indeed that you will be fortunate enough to land on the record you want.  The more information you have to begin with as to date, place and other info such as witnesses to a wedding the closer you will get.
      > The Irish Census is also a valuable source since you will often find details on the entry that will inform your search; e.g., other family member whose information you end up finding.  Check thru these results for Michael O'Connor from the 1911 census.  (With the census you *will* have to do a separate for variations).
      > http://www.census.nationalarchives.ie/search/results.jsp?census_year=1901&surname=O%27Connor&firstname=Michael&county=Galway&townland=&ded=&age=&sex=M&search=Search&relationToHead=&religion=&education=&occupation=&marriageStatus=&birthplace=&language=&deafdumb=&marriageYears=&childrenBorn=&childrenLiving=
      > As for the Militia Attestations - perhaps better results will be available later.  I notice that this seems to be the first time the National Archives have made an arrangement with a 'partner' that doesn't include free access to the index, as e.g., with Ancestry.com.  Sign of things to come I fear.
      > Regards,
      > Donnacha
      > --- On Sat, 3/20/10, MARIE <nolanm@...> wrote:
      > From: MARIE <nolanm@...>
      > Subject: [milgenire] Royal Artillery
      > To: milgenire@yahoogroups.com
      > Received: Saturday, March 20, 2010, 7:53 PM
      > Hi, Question #26..located the required information posted 08/2009 on the RIF, Thank you.
      > Something new my g grandfather was listed as deceased on my grandfathers marriage cert in 1901 his occupation was listed as Private in the Artillery. His name Michael O'Connor(Connor) because my father said the "O" was put back in their name sometime between 1885-1890 by his fathers school master in Galway. I've tried GRO Ireland for a birth cert for my grandfather in the hope that I can see what name they used when he was born, no luck. I tried to get a marriage cert for for great grandparents through the LDS no luck there either.
      > I have tried Ancestry, National Archives.
      > Any kind of direction would be greatly appreciated.
      > M

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