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61Irish soldier saved Adolf Hitler’s life

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  • Johnny Doyle
    Aug 9, 2010
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      the Hitler story and Keogh is doing the rounds at the moment (as is
      the one about Pte Tandy VC).

      Re Keogh, he was captured in 1914 not 1916; certainly led an
      interesting life but how true it all is..... difficult to tell. For
      example, the George('s) Cross is only awarded to civilians and is not
      for military personnel. Additionally the George Cross only came into
      being in 1940 so how Keogh got it as a result of fighting in WW1 is
      difficult to understand.

      Corisande from the Great War Forum/Rootschat has done quite a bit on
      Keogh and the Irish Brigade and his page re Keogh can be seen here :


      For info re Tandy and his link to Adolf in WW1 :


      Johnny Doyle