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39Gunner John Buckley, died Halifax, 1900, sister Mary (Buckley) Mahony Evergreen Road

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  • Donnacha
    Jun 30, 2010
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      Thought I would post this as an example of the kind of rare genealogical gen that can occur in Auction catalogs, this one from a sale at Adams Dublin. It would be nice if it were of personal interest to someone!

      "Cork interest - British Army: A small collection of documents relating to the death of Gunner John Buckley of the British Army, serving in Halifax, Canada, 1900, including letters to his sister Mrs. Mary (Buckley) Mahony of Evergreen Road, Cork, reporting his 'dangerous illness' and subsequent death, with documents concerning residual pay, pension entitlements etc., and with orig. postally used envelopes. As an Archive, w.a.f. (1)"