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12Army in India

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  • Joss OKelly
    Oct 1, 2008
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      Hi all

      My great grandfather Patrick Ambrose McCarthy, b 19 Feb 1868
      according to his military records, was allegedly from Cork. His first
      confirmed sighting is his marriage in Agra, India in 1889 and he
      subsequently appears in the Indian Army List. He was an
      Apothecary/Assistant Surgeon. He died in Calcutta in 1924, I have
      traced his wife's family back several generations, all Indian
      I also have a great x2 grandfather Timothy O'Kelly, allegedly from
      Galway: his first appearance is his marriage in India in 1842 to
      Ellen Murphy, at which time he was a Lance Corporal with the 1st
      Madras Fusiliers. He died in the Mutiny in 28 Jul 1857. Clearly both
      men had Irish ancestry, but did they emigrate, or was it their
      fathers or even grandfathers who made the journey?
      The "allegedly" comes in as this is family info, which tends to be
      unreliable! My grandmother had on her passport that she was born in
      Cork, but I have discovered that she was baptised in Rawalpindi!
      I would like specifically to trace my O'Kelly and McCarthy ancestors,
      but also to find out more about the Irish who joined the armies of
      the Honorable East India Company pre Mutiny and the British later on.
      I am reasonably conversant with UK genealogy and becoming more
      experienced at searching India Office records, but Irish genealogy is
      new to me.
      Any advice would be welcome.