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trashcan@core.com has a new email address

TrueSwitch trashcan@... has a new e-mail address Hello, I have just switched my email address from trashcan@... to jrannis@.... Please use
Jul 28, 2004

Re: 10 Commandments of Geocaching!

Carrie, The yahoo MIGO group still exists, but all the messages are now posted on www.mi-geocaching.com You are the first to post a message here in months. If
Tim Cahoon
Mar 21, 2004

10 Commandments of Geocaching!

Ten Commandments of Geocaching By mozartman1 To many people, Geocaching is almost a religious experience. For those of us who need them, here are the Ten
Carrie Mullins
Mar 21, 2004

Faces and Names

For those of you who haven't taken a look at the Faces & Names database that was started at the MiGO Winter Social by Gvnagei and uploaded to the MiGO forums
Carrie Mullins
Mar 18, 2004

(no subject)

Merry Christmas Everyone!
Dec 25, 2003

new email address

Hi there, I'm in the process of switching out of my Hotmail account (over 100 peices of spam per day), and into my new address: jamerz3294@... Please
jamie rich
Oct 21, 2003


Yes, this is true. I first became aware of the problem because I got this spam mail just from "Sharron" and thought it was Olepaint emailing me. The email
Mike Wunderlich
Sep 30, 2003


There was some kind of glitch but it is up and running again as of early this morning. Trippy varified that there was a problem on the forums at Geocaching.com
sharron fromius
Sep 30, 2003


hay what happened to the MiGO web site.
Sep 29, 2003

Re: I'm baaaaaaaaaaack!!!!

... the things you never learn on the web forum.
Sep 3, 2003

Re: Fwd: virus

This is a virus hoax: http://www.symantec.com/avcenter/venc/data/jdbgmgr.exe.file.hoax.html The file is a legitimate windows file, not a virus. Read more at
Mike Wunderlich
Aug 15, 2003

Fwd: Fw: Urban Legends Reference Pages Computers (JDBGMGR.EXE).htm

I've been totally had by this thing. Sorry about the confusion, do not delete jdbgmgr.exe with the teddy bear icon. It is a neccessary program. ... MSN 8 helps
Carrie Mullins
Aug 15, 2003

Fwd: virus

... Add photos to your messages with MSN 8. Get 2 months FREE*.
Carrie Mullins
Aug 15, 2003

I'm baaaaaaaaaaack!!!!

Hoooo Ray!! I just brought my computer home from the hospital tonight. She is rested and ready! Not having her here was a stressfull situation, but as a family
jamie rich
Aug 10, 2003

Re: Last Call for Lyndon Park Geocache

The link in the news post takes you to the geocaching.com boards. That comment was made before clarification of the situation. It's a long conversation, but
Mike Wunderlich
Jun 26, 2003
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