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FairTax Letter Writing 11/30

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  • Larry Whittington
    Let me know if you are receiving multiple copies of FairTax Letter Writing . The mails are posted to multiple groups and a lot of individuals. If you re
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 30, 2005
      Let me know if you are receiving multiple copies of "FairTax Letter Writing".  The mails are posted to multiple groups and a lot of individuals.  If you're getting more copies than you really need, let me know and I'll clean up the distribution list.
      Get Published
      For the best chance of getting published :
      1.    Write to the media in your area.  Local newspapers prefer to print letters from local people.
      2.    Don't overlook weekly and community papers.  Editors there are often more receptive. 
      3.    Check the word-count limit for the publication you're writing to.  Stay under the limit. (in Word, click on Tools - Word Count)
      4.    Pick the part of FairTax you want to talk about.  Don't try to explain it all.
      5.    Open your letter by stating your case.  Back up your statement with reasonable arguments.  Wrap it up with a closing remark.  Include www.fairtax.org somewhere.
      6.    Keep your remarks polite and professional.  Most Editors won't print rants or raves.
      7.    Write your letter today.  Come back tomorrow to review and revise before you ship it out.
      8.    Send your letter by fax if that's easy.  Snail mail is just as good, mebbe better.  Emails follow.
      9.    Send your Email letter directly to each publication - don't send it by way of "CC".    If it comes in as a copy, it will likely wind up in the circular file.  Editors want an exclusive to your work.
      Your letter, published or not, will have effect.  If your letter is published, you'll reach a lot of people.  If it's not, you did reach the editor.  Editors need to hear about FairTax.  The more letters they receive, the better they'll figure out they have to give FairTax more ink.
      Timely Topic :    Charity    
      Send a copy of every letter you write to your employees at  www.house.gov     www.senate.gov   and     www.whitehouse.gov
      Letter Writing Opportunity
      HeraldToday.com    Manatee, Bradenton, Sarasota     http://www.bradenton.com/mld/bradenton/news/opinion/13263713.htm
      Speaks to the need of tax reform and the futility of all past tax reform efforts.  Doesn't mention FairTax or the potential for fixing the problem from the only place possible - the grassroots level. 
      Respond to :   dklement@...  Herald Today, Letters to the Editor
                            rrankin@...   Knight-Ridder, Robert A. Rankin, Government & politics Editor
                            choyt@...     Knight-Ridder, Clark Hoyt, Washington Editor
                            jwalcott@...  Knight-Ridder, John Walcott, Washington Bureau Chief
      RedState.org  Merrill Bender  (NY-28 DD)     http://merrill-bender.redstate.org/story/2005/11/29/102046/64
      Response to the Hirsch article at                 http://www.ocala.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20051127/OPINION/51126005/1183/news08 
      Tea Party
      President G.W. Bush
      Washington, DC 20500
      Senator Harry Reid
      Washington, DC  20510
      Senator Hillary Clinton
      Washington, DC  20510
      Senator Ted Kennedy
      Washington, DC  20510
      Senator Johnny Issacson
      Washington, DC  20510
      Senator Jim DeMint
      Washington, DC 20510
      Representative Nancy Pelosi
      Washington, DC  20515
      Bluffton, SC                                                                         http://www.blufftontoday.com/node/3009
       A tax lawyer is a person who is good with numbers but does not have enough personality to be an accountant. ~ James D. Gordon III
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