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Re: [mifairtax] Camp and Foley say nice things at Ways and means Hearing on July 28th

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  • Kent Hamel
    Hello from the UP of Michigan, I agree that the Tax Code should be updated and improved for both the average tax payer and Uncle Sam. My concern is that the
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 1, 2005
      Hello from the UP of Michigan,  I agree that the Tax Code should be updated and improved for both the average tax payer and Uncle Sam.  My concern is that the Itemized  Tax Deductions  gives too many people the advantage of making little if any  contributions and getting credit for the legal limit which last year was more than a $10000 amount.  If they want to use the Standard Deduction, then limit it to only the actual amount they give.  Now, if they give only $10 to The Salvation Army, for example, they can get credit for $10000 or whatever the legal limit is.  For all my married life we filed our tax return using the Itemized  method and our actual amount of giving was usually well over the Itemized amount.  I dont believe that this is fair to either the tax payer or Uncle Sam.  Please let me know your thoughts on this matter.  Thanks.  Kent Hamel
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      Subject: [mifairtax] Camp and Foley say nice things at Ways and means Hearing on July 28th

      Action Alert for Monday


      Michigan FairTaxers – please fax Congressman Dave Camp a brief “Thank you” for his positive comments on genuine tax reform.  Tell him he is right. People do want change. See article below.


      Congressman Camps Contact Info:


      Midland District Office135 Ashman Drive
      Midland, Michigan 48640
      Phone: (989) 631-2552
      Fax: (989) 631-6271

      Traverse City Office
      121 East Front Street, Suite 202
      Traverse City, Michigan 49684
      Phone: (231) 929-4711
      Fax: (231) 929-4776

      Washington D.C. Office
      137 Cannon House Office Building
      Washington, D.C. 20515
      Phone: (202) 225-3561
      Fax: (202) 225-9679



      Florida FairTax supporters!  WHOA!!  What a great comment from a congressman who is NOT on our bill.  Please do not pressure him.  Just send him a much deserved thank you fax for his great comments. See article below.



      Palm Beach County
      4440 PGA Blvd, Ste 406
      Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410
      561-626-4749 (fax)


      St. Lucie County
      250 NW Country Club Dr
      St. Lucie, FL 34986
      772-871-0651 (fax)


      Charlotte County
      18500 Murdock Circle, Ste 536
      Port Charlotte, FL 33948
      941-627-9101 (fax)


      Washington, DC Office
      104 Cannon HOB
      Washington, DC 20515
      202-225-3132 (fax)



      If you are faxing – keep it to one page. Include your first and last name and your mailing address.  Thanks! As usual, please let us know you sent the fax by sending us an email to info@... with “Fax Foley” or “ Fax Camp” in the subject line.




      Genie  Hayes


      1-800-FAIRTAX #137









      TAXWIRE: Today's Tax News

      July 31, 2005  


      Ways and Means Subcommittee Discusses Tax Reform Options

      House lawmakers presented a variety of consumption- and income-based reform options at a
      House Ways and Means Select Revenue Measures Subcommittee hearing held July 28. While lawmakers on the subcommittee and their colleagues who testified agreed -- just as the dozens of witnesses who have testified before the President’s Advisory Panel on Federal Tax Reform -- that the current system is broken, their approaches to reform fell along party lines. Three House GOP witnesses testifying at the hearing proposed radical replacement systems they argued would make filing taxes less burdensome, while three House Democrats who testified called for simplifying deductions and credits in the current code.

      Reaching political consensus will be difficult and has been elusive for years, Select Revenue Measures Subcommittee Chair Dave Camp, R-Mich., told Tax Analysts after the hearing. It is hoped the tax reform panel’s report –- due in September –- will galvanize voters. “I think people want significant change,” Camp said.

      Members who testified stressed that even though they share the goal of reform it will not be easy.

      “Simplifying the tax code is a goal that we all share, but it has always been easier to talk about it than to achieve it,” Ways and Means member Richard E. Neal, D-Mass., said. “It will require a lot of cooperation and a lot of work.”

      Members also highlighted aspects of their proposals that matched the principles for reform laid out by President Bush. Bush expects tax reform proposals to be simple, fair, and promote economic growth while also recognizing the importance of charitable giving and home buying. For example, a proposal by Ways and Means member Rahm Emanuel, D-Ill., would create a universal mortgage deduction to allow every homeowner to deduct interest payments regardless of whether they itemize.

      And the FairTax (H.R. 25), a national retail sales tax proposal, similarly satisfies Bush’s request, according to Ways and Means member John Linder, R-Ga., who testified.

      “Transparency, border-adjustability, simplicity, and progressivity are all found in the FairTax,” Linder said. Linder’s proposal got a nod from House taxwriter Mark Foley, R-Fla., who said he was “intrigued” by the plan because it emphasizes frugality and saving.


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