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Presidential FairTaxers (Huckabee & Garvel) MI Schedules

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    Roger W Buchholtz wrote: Date: Wed, 9 Jan 2008 14:00:30 -0500 Subject: Presidential FairTaxers (Huckabee & Garvel) MI Schedules
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      Roger W Buchholtz <orientamericanore@...> wrote:
      Date: Wed, 9 Jan 2008 14:00:30 -0500
      Subject: Presidential FairTaxers (Huckabee & Garvel) MI Schedules
      From: Roger W Buchholtz <orientamericanore@...>

      MI FairTax Leaders,
      More detail on Huckabee (FairTax Republican) events in Michigan is shown below. 
      Also there is a new event put on by the Mike Gravel (FairTax Democrat) campaign.  I have shown below the press release put out by the Gravel campaign about the event.
      Great opportunities for us to educate thousands of Democrats and Republicans in two days on the FairTax/MI FairTax.  Please attend with your friends and families and help spread the word.  Also, if you, and/or FairTaxers in your district, can help staff information tables at any of these events, where we will hand out literature, etc., please contact  Dan Wilson at:  Dan Wilson (pfcpacdanwilson@...)         c 313 999-6685, w 313 724-9815
      At all of these events, except the Detroit Economic Club and the pastor's breakfast events, there will be a MI FairTax speaker to talk about the FairTax/MI FairTax as a part of the formal program. 
      MI FairTax Director (volunteer)
      P.O. Box 141 / 5620 Clato St.
      Kalamazoo, MI  49004
      phone/fax:  (269) 345-0950
      cell:  (586) 530-3298

      Huckabee Events
      5:30 pm -- Birch Run
      Huckabee Mid-Michigan Victory Rally
      Birch Run Expo Center
      11600 North Beyer Road
      (visible from 1-75 at Exit 136, Birch Run Road)
      Saturday, Jan. 12th
      8:00 am -- Grand Rapids
      Pastors Breakfast (pastors only)
      Amway Grand Hotel
      187 Monroe Avenue
      9:30 am -- Grand Rapids
      Huckabee West Michigan Victory Rally
      Amway Grand Hotel
      187 Monroe Avenue
      Gravel Event
      The Mike Gravel Presidential Campaign of Michigan and The Heidelberg Project present "Democracy in Detroit"

      "Democracy in Detroit" is a moderate scale outdoor symposium/festival of sorts taking place on the grounds of the Heidelberg Project in Detroit on Sunday, January 13, from 1-5pm.  The event will highlight Michigan's upcoming Presidential primary election but more importantly the democratic process in general.  Featured speakers for the event will include leaders of groups that are actively working to have our society function on a truly democratic political landscape, including the Michigan FairTax Association, the Michigan Green party, and the Mike Gravel Presidential campaign of Michigan.

      With many other causes and campaigns participating in "Democracy in Detroit," the purpose of the event is to allow people a forum to share and speak openly and overtly about the current political landscape in the state of Michigan and the nation.  It is an outlet recognizing a spirit and need for confrontation, thoughtfulness and civic maturity in a time of serious ills in so much of American political processes and culture.  The discussion of real solutions offered for these ills will center around fundamentally changing our system of taxation, putting the power of lawmaking directly into the hands of the people through local, state and national referendums, confronting the influence of overtly profit oriented news media and the importance of civic involvement and engagement of citizens with their community and government.  Being sponsored by the Mike Gravel Presidential campaign, "Democracy in Detroit" is meant to be part of a growing socio-political renaissance raising the civic maturity of our nation to the level where we begin functioning not just with representative democracy, but direct democracy.  Embodying the aim of such a renaissance is the venue chosen for "Democracy in Detroit," the Heidelberg Project.

      Standing as a testament to the impact of community involvement and spirit, the Heidelberg Project is a two block stretch on Detroit's East Side that is filled with outdoor artwork made of otherwise discarded materials, bringing astonishing color, creativity and vibrancy to what used to be a depressing, unkempt and unsafe neighborhood.  As described by the Project's website, "the Heidelberg Project offers a forum for ideas, a seed of hope, and a bright vision for the future. It's about taking a stand to save forgotten neighborhoods. It's about helping people think outside the box and its about offering solutions. It's about healing communities through art - and it's working!"

      It is with this engaging spirit that "Democracy in Detroit" will take place.  Any and all civic-minded groups, organizations and causes are invited and encouraged to participate in the event by setting up their own individual tables manned by representatives of their group who would hand out literature, answer questions and encourage involvement in their individual causes among those in attendance. There will also be a variety of musical entertainment to liven things up, barrel fires for people to warm themselves near, hot chocolate and snacks available including marshmallows to roast among the fires and finally the beautiful environment of the Heidelberg Project for all to tour and enjoy on a Sunday afternoon.

      All in all, the event is meant to creatively and civically energize, entertain and provoke thought in citizens of Detroit just two days before they are to vote in their state primary election, an election that has been so marred by the national political parties stripping Michigan's delegates from the presidential nominating contest, effectively muting the voice of Michigan and turning off many in the state from the democratic process altogether.

      There will be a open meeting this Thursday, January 10, at 7pm for any and all interested in either participating in "Democracy in Detroit" or aiding its ongoing planning process.  The meeting will be in the back room of the Traffic Jam Restaurant, located on the corner of Canfield and Second Avenue, not far from Wayne State University.

      For further information or questions about "Democracy in Detroit" or the Mike Gravel Presidential campaign of Michigan, please contact Hans Barbe at (313)-333-7104 or email gravel08.michigan@....

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