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[DemocratsForFairTax] Sister PA FairTax group responds to national momentum

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  • investorshelper
    I was impressed to see the resolve of a sister PA FairTax group - this one working in the Democratic community - to recognize the need for each local state
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2007
      I was impressed to see the resolve of a sister PA FairTax group - this one working in the Democratic community - to recognize the need for each local state component to dedicate itself to expanding the base of supporters - especially given the national momentum that the national organization (together with its members in political-focus states) has achieved.
      This gave me pause to ask myself, "Am I DOING enough to take advantage of perhaps our BIGGEST window of opportunity, given the press play that FairTax is now gaining as a result of its high visibility nationally?
      If you believe in the FairTax, check out both of our Yahoo group websites:
      Check out the extensive LINKS section.  Do you know others who'd like their name to be added?  Send them to our Moderator, trav at travllr@... Start forming local FairTax action groups. Invite some friends over.  Need help, post a message to the group.  LET'S GET ACTIVE.
      - Ian

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      Subject: [DemocratsForFairTax] PA FairTax Grassroots Reorganizing Meeting Minutes 8/28/07

      Subj: FairTax Reorganizing Meeting Minutes 8/28/07
      Date: 9/1/07 10:10:28 AM Eastern Daylight Time

      PA FairTax Reorganization Meeting 8/28/07 - Minutes
      Held at: Max&amp;Ermas Greentree PA

      Meeting began approximately 7 PM
      Those present:
      Marlene Tobin, Judith Brown, Mary Fabian, Lila Headlee, Barbara
      Headlee, and Joanne Balkey

      Marlene began by relating the fact that PA FairTax has not been
      active for over a year now and for all intent has lost its grassroots
      purpose. Houston FairTax has had a reorganization and is
      concentrating on the Presidential elections to date. There is still
      a Houston Grassroots Liason, however, PA FairTax has had little or no
      contact with them directly and has no particular duties or projects
      going at present.

      It was noted that we still have a great deal of folks in PA that are
      very much interested in helping with FairTax. It was also noted that
      national radio host Jim Quinn, who's show is done here in Pittsburgh,
      has been in contact with us and speaks of FairTax monthly on his
      nationwide show. We all agree this has to be nurtured and kept going
      by him and us. We mentioned our successful rally with Quinn in 2004
      when 400 attended, and we would like to repeat this in the near
      future if money could be raised.

      The consensus of the group was that if we are to be effective in PA
      at the local grassroots level, we will have to take the local "bull
      by the horns" ourselves, to try and persuade some of our Legislators
      to support HR 25 before the 2008 House/Senate elections. We believe
      we can rekindle the spark that was in PA over FairTax 2 years ago,
      and that we can build a huge grassroots active movement here in our
      State, if we just put a little time and effort toward gathering names
      and attracting attention.

      We discussed the possibility of legally formalizing a new grassroots
      FairTax group for PA State. We want to focus our attention locally,
      and as close to member's homes and legislator's LOCAL officies as
      possible to be fully effective from the ground up.

      We will use small local community newspapers to get the word out, and
      community access TV was mentioned as possible - to add new members,
      as well as to gain the attention of the local legislators in our
      districts, and inform them as to the wishes of their voting
      constituents regarding (Fair)Tax Reform issues.

      Each of those attending the meeting, as well as others from our prior
      group, are to send information to our local papers, sighting any
      events or activities, and/or issues we want to present to the public.
      We also want LOCAL papers to carry Letters to the Editor.


      * Looking for help in each of our own voting districts from other
      voters who are our neighbors and in agreement with FairTax.

      * Obtaining names and addresses of those willing to participate
      actively at rallies, as well as those willing to support us in other
      ways (money and phone calls).

      SEPT 15-16
      We have decided to have a space at the Trader Jacks' Flea Market in
      Bridgeville, on Sept. 15th and 16th, to sell donated JUNK for
      fundraising, and to educate as many folks that we can that stop at
      our tables. Hopefully we will begin to build our grassroots
      membership list, and offer these names and addresses to Houston also.

      We will also be passing out our "Support Postcard" a post card that
      the tax payer signs and sends to their legislator's local office,
      asking them to endorse HR 25 The FairTax. This will be the same
      postcard we hope to pass out on election day Nov 2007 at the polls
      all across PA.

      The proceeds of the flea market event will go to pay for that
      space, and for education flyers and postcards etc. We will need some
      volunteers to help man the booth on those 2 days from 7am to around
      1pm both Sat. & Sun. If you have disposables to sell you can also
      bring them to us then. Please sign up if you can!! (Remember, we
      had fun the last time we did this!) Note to List: September 17 is
      officially Constitution Day so this ties in great for FairTax and our
      Sept 15-16 sale/fundraiser/ rally.

      Any left over funds collected that day will go toward the National
      Conference call of other grassroots groups for Fairtax (call to be
      set up within the next 2 weeks.) We will also use any left over
      funds to pay for more printing for our upcoming other 2 planned



      * Setting up a nationwide conference call with those in leadership
      positions in other states, to possibly coordinate some grassroots
      activities etc. The conference call would happen at least once, with
      the possibility of its becoming a monthly occurrence so all 50 States
      could share grassroots ideas. It was decided that a conference call
      of this type WOULD be done before the end of September, at the
      expense of PA FairTax.

      * The possibility of a one-page online web site, describing any
      national projects, and then directing grassroots interested parties
      who view it, to their own district or state (with a US Map - if we
      decide to take this nationally) for their own local happenings, and
      contacts to get involved.

      * Choosing a name for our new entity, possibly 'FairTax Grassroots
      USA', and possibly legally formalizing a National group. We decided
      to leave the final decision of this until after the Phone conference
      call and input from others.

      * Leave the final decision as to whether to keep this new entity as a
      PA. group only, or whether to make it national until after the Phone
      conference call.

      * Having some postcards printed on which to have all petition signers
      fill out and mail to legislators, indicating their support for
      FairTax. These could be the same all across the Nation, but don't
      have to be. We want our National group to be as flexible as possible,
      with their key goal as just the exchange of ideas and mutual
      cooperation when it is desirable.

      * Asking for Mr. Herman Cain to be an honorary advisor for our group.


      November 6th , 2007 - GENERAL ELECTION DAY IN PA -
      As our first Statewide FairTax project/event, our group has decided
      to try to have "FAIR TAX AT THE POLLS DAY". We hop to have people
      posted at every local polling place across PA for the upcoming Nov.
      elections, with the intention of passing out our
      literature/postcard s, so that more folks can make their interest in
      the FairTax known to their legislators. This is a great time to do
      this. You are close to home, standing at your own polling place, and
      you are talking to YOUR neighbors, in YOUR legislator's district. We
      hope to have at least 2 FairTaxers at each polling place across the
      19 legislative districts. This could be done. Just get someone to
      stand with you, and ask someone you know lives in the next poll area
      from you to also do this. ONE HOUR is all we are asking you to do,
      but if you do more, that's great. We want to pass out the "FAIR TAX
      SUPPORT POST CARDS" AT the polls to everyone that will take one. If
      they can send them to their legislator, maybe we can get 200-500 sent
      to each local legislative office in PA. There will be more on this
      to come soon.

      December '07 -
      Bill of Rights Day Dec. 15. This project again will require 2
      legislators from each DISTRICT. There are only 19 districts, so we
      are in need of only 38 people minimum all across PA. This should be
      very doable. We want to have 2 people minimum demonstrating outside
      the LOCAL office of each of our legislators with our FairTax signs
      and literature, to make others aware of us and to alert the
      legislators of our desires on the (Fair)Tax Reform issue. We will
      notify those LOCAL Community newspapers of our intent. Again, this
      is close to home and something you can do with a neighbor. We will
      only be demonstrating 2 hrs on a Sat, but hopefully, all across PA.
      We want those legislators to know we are out here and want the
      Fairtax, and their LOCAL offices will take note, as they are in local
      neighborhoods, shopping centers, and places where local people will
      see us and talk to us. Again the idea is for us to make PROJECTS
      that can be done close to home and by neighbors talking to
      neighbors. If we all do our part locally, we can make a difference.

      We decided to take these projects one step at a time, and keep them
      as simple and as close to home for the grassroot volunteer as
      possible. We do not forsee any projects in our Grassroots group that
      cannot be done by the volunteers close to their homes. Travel is
      difficult for most common grassroot volunteers. The more activities
      we offer them that are doable at home and in short periods of time,
      the more likely you will get someone to participate. We will
      followup on these and other projects shortly after we see how our
      Sept 15-16 flea market fund raising/education event goes.

      The meeting ended at approximately 9:30 PM.
      For further information, to volunteer or for directions to Trader
      Jacks for the Sept 15-16 booth/sale etc.
      please call Marlene Tobin - 724 941 9443

      Please remember our PAFairTax.org and FairTaxCalculator. org web sites
      are both still working. The PA State FairTax web should have info on
      these projects shortly.

      Respectfully submitted by
      Joanne Balkey - FT Volunteer

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