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Letter to The Bay City Times

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  • Albert Trischler
    Just a note to show the letter I submitted to the Bay City Times as a rebuttle to an article wrote by Peter Luke: According to Mr. Peter Luke (The Bay City
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 3, 2007
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      Just a note to show the letter I submitted to the Bay City Times as a rebuttle to an article wrote by Peter Luke:
      According to Mr. Peter Luke (The Bay City Times, Opinion Section open Secret, Monday April 2, 2007) we are going to get another tax increase and there is nothing we can do about it. 
        There is a Open Secret that that Peter could discuss and that is Michigan FairTax, which when it replaces the current tax code, it will be a much friendlier enviroment for business to flurish here. Please Mr. Luke go to www.mifairtax.org or the national web site www.fairtax.org and I believe you will see for yourself and the readers that there is an alternative for our wonderful state.
        I will quote Roger Buchholtz State Director for mifairtax from a letter he sent to the membership on March 27, 2007:
         "The Mi. FairTax isn't about cutting government revenue (taxes), but is all about raising revenue in a manner that doesn't force companies and jobs out of Michigan. By saving billions of of dollars wasted annually in personal and business tax compliance and efficiency costs, and by removing the hidden taxes from the cost of Michigan produced products, Michigan would have the most attractive business tax enviroment in America. We would all have good paying jobs as companies and jobs returned to Michigan and government revenues would soar.
        For the first time in generations in all likelihood people would see their true tax burden on their sales reciepts and they would begin to more closely scruntinize how their tax dollars are spent... but then that is likely well understood by the Governor and that may be why she hasn't signed on to the MI Fairtax. People understanding what their tax burden is, is an impedient to big government. As long as big government politicians can fool the public into thinking that those big corporations and rich business owners are paying the taxes rather than consumers, we will be saddled with big, wasteful, unresponsive government. The public is learning that business treat taxes and compiance costs like all other costs of doing business. These costs are added to the price of products being produced and when we buy the products we pay the "business" taxes and compliance costs. When market conditions don't allow business to pass these costs on in the price of their products they go out of business or move out of Michigan.... taking our jobs with them."
        So you see Mr. Luke and anyone whom is reading this there is a group of us volunteers in Michigan that truely love our state and are looking for more believers that there is a way to replace the burdensome tax codes we presently have that will raise revenue, be friendly to business and by doing so help to return this state to the top not only econnomically, but manufacturing as well. Please encourage your readers to check out the web site www.mifairtax.org and see for themselves.
        I have personally sent letters to the Governer, Mr. Barcia, Mr. Mayes, Mr Levin, and Mr Kildee and I hope they believe in our state enough to get on board of the FairTax train.
        Thank you for allowing me to express my opinion as well.
      Albert F. Trischler Jr.
      890 W. Ridge Rd.
      Essexville, Mi. 48732

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