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  • Eula Cornish
    Hello Car Buddies,New Years UPDATE from Bob Huff (Video Bob)Leadscene EastLeadscene East Website is up and running...checked that out myself.For those of you
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 2, 2012
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      Hello Car Buddies,
      New Years UPDATE from Bob Huff (Video Bob)
      Leadscene East
      Leadscene East Website is up and running...checked that out myself.
      For those of you who are interested in being members or want to attend or who have joined please read.
      Midwest kustoms is a member of ECCA...And we support Leadscene East... 
      Eula Cornish 

       From: MemoreeMaker@...
       Subject: HAPPY ECCA NEW YEAR
       Date: Mon, 2 Jan 2012 03:31:36 +0000
      Hello everyone 
      Hope everybody made it thru all the New Year celebrations ok.
      Must be getting old. Can't get into all that hoop a loo like I use to. 
      Now that the Holidays are out of the way I'd like to give you an update on where we're at with the ECCA. 
      As soon as the art work is completed along with 2 story's we're working on, the newsletter will be finished & ready to print.
      Our plans at this time is to print & mail it from Biglerville on the 10th when we have our monthly meeting with the Oakside Park Board. 
      Until we got into this newsletter thing we had no idea on the amount of work that was involved in putting something like this
      together & had it not been for my wife's puter knowledge, I'd still be on page one. 
      Now that we've got the hang of it, we're looking forward to doing the next one.   
      For those who have yet to send in their membership dues, please do so asap so we start the yr off with everyone being paid up.
      Also on any future monies paid to the club please put ECCA Membership on the "Memo line" & make the check payable
      to the : Oakside Community Park. This will eliminate a lot of red tape & us having to open up a 2nd bank account. 
      On the membership cards, window decals, as soon as the art work is finished, these will be made up & sent out to each of you.
      Our "in house artist", who you'll learn more about in the newsletter has done a "Fantastic" job on our logo & the face page of our newsletter.    
      Ok one more thing before I get out of here.

      Our web site
      www.leadsceneeast.com is back up & running.
      Won't know until after the Biglerville meeting which Hotel will be our Host this yr.
      When we do it will be posted on our web site.
      Ok , that's a wrap. Until next time keep warm, stay safe & try to remember that the easiest way to keep those
      around you happy is to be happy your self.
      See ya
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