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Fiesta Of The 50's

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  • Eula Cornish
    Hello Club Members, I think summer is upon us, Finally! If you haven t pre-registered for Fiesta Of The 50 s Do so now this is going to be the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 9, 2004
      Hello Club Members,
      I think summer is upon us, Finally!

      If you haven't pre-registered for Fiesta Of The 50's "Do so now this is
      going to be the "Best Fiesta Of The Fifties you have ever

      I just talked to the new owners of Fiesta of the 50's.... St. Joseph County
      Bill Johnson, and this years show is going to be a knock out. He has
      provided us with flyers and Harold & I will be sending them to you in the
      June Taildragger.
      Those of you who preregistered already, Thank you!

      Entertainment by The Earth Angels, Endless Summer, and DJ Ryan Productions,
      Ken & Ruth Ryan,
      2003 Hall Of Fame Inductees " The Association"

      AND GET THIS! You can also Cruise to Marshall!!

      They have partnered with "Cruise to the Fountain" in Marshall to offer the
      following special.
      All cars registered in either car show may visit the other location at no
      With a registration from either show, you will receive free admission to the
      other car show and (2) occupants of the vehichle. You may park with the
      other show cars, however, cannot be in any contest unless you are registered
      with that show.

      If you want to participate in the ride downtown Friday night in Marshall,
      which is cruise to the fountain, you must pay a one day registration of
      $20.00 and you may join that cruise.

      This is just another way to show our car people the great working
      relationship between
      "Cruise to the Fountain" and "Fiesta of th 50's"

      Thursday Night July 1st - Welcome Party with food!

      Watch for your Taildragger for all the rest of the great events and

      There is no cut off date, so if you haven't pre-registered you can now and
      still get your T-shirt!

      They are also having all you can eat breakfast on Saturday and Sunday and
      lots of other food !

      Make your checks payable to St Joseph County Fairgrounds
      and mail to St Joseph County Fairgrounds
      P.O. Box 578
      Centerville, Michigan 49032

      Hope to see you all there!

      Eula & Harold Cornish...Your Presidents

      269-273-1222 or 269-779-6216

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