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FW: Car Show and Club Updates

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  • Eula Cornish
    Here You Go Car Buddies, From Club Member Kevin Anderson.... Well, Congratulations! We did it! You did it! There was a revival last weekend and you played an
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 2, 2013
      Here You Go Car Buddies,

      From Club Member Kevin Anderson....
      Well, Congratulations! We did it! You did it! There was a revival last weekend and you played an important role by coming to the show!Wasn't it great?! With just under 100 car registrations, last weekend's revival for custom cars was a success. We can all be proud of what we did...because we proved a 100%, pure, custom car show is still possible! The chrome, the candy, smell of leather and gas fumes; it was like a dream for most of us. In addition, we (you, Bob, and I) donated almost $2000 to the Alzheimers Association for research. That donation should make us all feel even better about the show. Also important, Jeff Edwards (our host), at Edwards Drive-In, was overwhelmed with kind comments, compliments, and a great day of sales (from which a portion of these proceeds,including 100% of T-shirt sales, was also donated to The Alzheimers Association). He was humbled by our crowd of friendly faces and laughter and amazed when it seemed like virtually every participant told him "We're coming back next year and we're bringing our friends!". Although Jeff has hosted many car shows in the past, he had never heard that before...and was very pleased. By the way, he noticed (as Bob and I did) that when all the cars pulled out, there was not one spec of paper or trash left in the parking lot. The entire Edwards staff was impressed with our event. So while it seems like the show was just yesterday, it's been about a week, and Summer marches on. That presents an opportunity for us. As you enjoy shows during the rest of the year, consider sharing the Custom Car Revival experience with your custom friends. If everyone could just bring one, one additional friend and their custom, imagine what a great experience it would be for all of us, next year! Annnnd, yes, you heard it, right. Due to your overwhelming encouragement, Bob and I are already working on next year's, 2014 Custom Car Revival. (Hint, hint...more fun and more fun things to do!!) Early June dates will be announced as soon as we can. When we've tied down the date, you'll be the first to know, we promise, because as we've said, the Custom Car Revival is not "our show"...it's your show! Annnnnnnd, to a very few of you who are receiving this email, but were unable to attend the show, we wanted you to know all of this as well. After all, we're all family and you were missed! Also, those participants who didn't provide us their email address will be receiving this information via snail mail this week. Finally, I keep thinking about last Saturday, when I looked at all those beautiful customs and said out loud to myself, "Holy Cow, can you believe it?" What a day it was !! Thanks for all of your support, encouragement and friendship. Stay tuned, there's more fun to come! Vrrrrooooommmm!!! 
      Kevin Anderson & Bob Davis
      Custom Car Revival

      The winner of the Midwest Kustom's Club Pick was                                                                                          Mike with his Corvette 
      The Prize was A Chrome Wheel Clock 
      Congratulations  Mike

      GREAT SHOW KEVIN.......

      The Next Big Show..... and it is FREE

      The Wiser Financial Group....Classic Car Show

      This is their 3rd annual car show.
      Wednesday, July 10, 2013 (Rain Date is July 11th} 5:00 p.m.to 8:00 p.m.
      The Wiser Financial Group Office, 6100 Stadium Drive, Kalamazoo, MI
      Food provided by Scott's Pig Roast & More

      SPACE IS LIMITED so Please RSVP to Karyn Anderson By July 1st
      269-372-1430 or 800-292-1472 
      Please feel free to bring a guest
      This is an awesome show, Harold & I have attended each year....

      Harold & Eula Cornish
      269-279- 9096 or 269--779-6216

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