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Happy New Year

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  • Eula Cornish
    Happy New Year Everyone,I am home and recuperating fine from my total hip replacement.Shelby Klibenski asked me if I was ready to join Rocetball...LOLShe sure
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 1 12:26 PM
      Happy New Year Everyone,
      I am home and recuperating fine from my total hip replacement.
      Shelby Klibenski asked me if I was ready to join Rocetball...LOL
      She sure knows how to cheer you up. Love That Girl...
      My home therapist is my one and only...Harold Cornish...He does a Great Job...
      We had a great Christmas here with our family.
      A message From Jamie Hall,
      So with the close of 2012 I ended an 8 year career selling paint. My good friend Rob Jowsay and I bought the body shop from Dunham Motor Sales in Angola. So with help from a lot of friends we open January 2nd under the new name of Autokraft Auto Body, God Bless everyone and Happy New Year!
      Good Luck Jamie! and Congratulations....
      I have some pictures I am going to send out later.
      We received a woderful gift from Alayna & Denny Summers
      Recognizing Harold & myself for all the hard work we have put into the club,trying to keep it going.
      Several other people had a hand in this and we will share that with you.
      This means a lot to us. Thank You!
      Thats all for today!
      As Always Buckle up for Safety!

      Eula & Harold Cornish


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