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1305Unknown Relations WOW!

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  • chamberlainheather
    Sep 14, 2010
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      I am a big fan of your Midnight series, but until three days ago I avoided your 'Unknown Relations' series as I've never been fond of a Harry has a twin-fic (the premise didn't seem right to me), however I was bored and wanted to read some good fanfic, and decided to give 'Unknown Relations' a go, and I must say I am very pleased that I did, because I absolutely love the twist you have done with this! Having not read any other twin fanfic before, I don't know whether this is unique among them, but it certainly sounds like Unknown Relations is a unique and very different take on the Harry-has-a-twin.

      I LOVE how Hayden was pronounced as the boy-who-lived and he really isn't. I wonder does Dumbledore now suspect Orion as being the boy-who-lived considering he has the scar and the ability to speak Parseltongue? I was wondering why Hayden's name wasn't put in the Goblet of Fire, and then it smacked me in the face! Pettigrew!!! He realised and he escaped and if he's made his way back to Voldemort and told him his suspicions, only Voldemort would know what really happened that night so would know who is the real boy-who-lived! I wonder if more revelations are coming at the end of GOF relating to this, assuming I've interpreted this all correctly?

      I love the character of Orion - he is Harry as he should have been. Love it. I also adore how you've got Sirius and Remus as prominent figures in the stories and I hope that continues! Sirius is my favourite character, so its great to see a story where he is utilised so well. I just hope you don't do a book 5 on us!

      I am also intrigued as to how James and Lily are trying to get back into Orion's life. But I have to ask, even though I understand that you might not be able to answer, doesn't James no longer have a right to chase Orion? The adoption potion as you explained at the beginning of GOF was that Lily was still technically his mother, and that it had only changed him on his father's side, meaning that James is no longer his birth father, right? Harry is dead, and Orion has taken his place, but is still Harry in a strange way... I think! So, since Orion is technically not a Potter, does James still have rights or not? After all, in my mind Orion is technically the son of Sirius and Lily...since the Potter genes seem to have been replaced with the Black genes...

      I really hope you do not abandon this series, I love them and would love to see it finish at the end of book 7, assuming that is where you are going to end the series with. I know that things keep you busy, meaning updates are not quick, but I just want to thank you for writing this wonderful series and I hope you continue to entertain me (and others) with this series for years to come!

      Please keep up the great work, and I look forward to the next chapter. I am interested to see how you handle the rest of book 4 and how much book 5, 6 and 7 will change.

      One more thing before I forget: THANK YOU for involving Sirius in the Chamber of Secrets: I thought that was a brilliant twist, and I hope that he continues to play a role like that throughout the rest of the series (assuming he avoids that curtain or any other death!)

      Once again, thank you. You are a brilliant author - one of the best in Harry Potter fandom. Thank you for writing Unknown Relations and the Midnight series.

      ~Heather C~
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