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The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (Genesis)

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  • Wild West
    Most Excellent!! seq Jim Kleban /*The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway*/ is a double concept album recorded and released
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 30, 2010
      Most Excellent!!

      seq Jim Kleban

      The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway is a double concept album recorded and released in 1974 by the British rock band Genesis. It was their sixth studio album and the last album by the group to feature the involvement of lead singer Peter Gabriel.

      The album tells the surreal story of a half-Puerto Rican juvenile delinquent named Rael living in New York City, who is swept underground to face bizarre creatures and nightmarish dangers in order to rescue his brother John.   Several of the story's occurrences and places were derived from Peter Gabriel's dreams, and the protagonist's name is a play on his surname. In an interview Phil Collins remarked, "It's about a 'split personality'. In this context, Rael would believe he is looking for John but is actually looking for a missing part of himself. The individual songs also make satirical allusions to everything from mythology to the sexual revolution to advertising and consumerism. The title track, as well as "The Carpet Crawlers" and "In the Cage", are live favourites for the band. Both "In the Cage" and "The Carpet Crawlers" were included in 2007's Turn it On Again: The Tour, with "The Carpet Crawlers" played as the closing number.

      Gabriel was absent from the album's writing and rehearsal sessions due to personal problems — his first wife was having difficulties with her first pregnancy.   For this reason, most of the music was written by band members Tony Banks, Phil Collins, and Mike Rutherford, with some contribution from Steve Hackett and, at first, virtually none from Gabriel. Gabriel, for his part, insisted on writing the story and all the lyrics himself, which caused friction, in particular because Rutherford had originally suggested another project for the band — an album based on Antoine de Saint Exupéry's The Little Prince. In the event, Banks and Rutherford did write the words for "The Light Dies Down on Broadway", as Gabriel could not come up with a linking piece between "Ravine" and "Riding the Scree". In addition, when Gabriel put lyrics to a piece of music written by one of the other band members (such as Banks' "The Lamia" and Hackett's "Here Comes the Supernatural Anaesthetist") the composer would often insist on adjusting the lyrics slightly to better fit the music, an action Gabriel did not take kindly to.

      In the end, Gabriel did contribute more to the writing of the music than is sometimes assumed. His then-wife Jill pointed out in Spencer Bright's Peter Gabriel: An Authorized Biography that he wrote the main melody for "The Carpet Crawlers", of which he is especially proud. Tracks like "Anyway" and "Lilywhite Lilith" and "Colony of Slippermen" were developed from earlier unused 1969 compositions by the band ("Frustration" and "The Light" respectively) which were likely to have been group efforts, which Gabriel had played some part in creating.

      During the album's pre-production, Gabriel was contacted by filmmaker William Friedkin, (at the time enjoying success with The Exorcist), about a possible film project after Friedkin read Gabriel's short story on the sleeve of the Genesis Live album.   Despite his bandmates' disapproval, Gabriel left them to work on some early script drafts. However, the project came to nothing (Friedkin instead working with Tangerine Dream to score his next film, Sorcerer), and Gabriel returned to the band.

      Watch the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=slLtKktbxTw

      The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway  (Genesis)

      Early morning Manhattan,
      Ocean winds blow on the land.
      The Movie-Palace is now undone,
      The all-night watchmen have had their fun.
      Sleeping cheaply on the midnight show,
      Its the same old ending-time to go.
      Get out!
      It seems they cannot leave their dream.
      Theres something moving in the sidewalk steam,
      And the lamb lies down on Broadway.

      Nightimes flyers feel their pains.
      Drugstore takes down the chains.
      Metal motion comes in bursts,
      But the gas station can quench that thirst.
      Suspension cracked on unmade road
      The truckers eyes read Overload
      And out on the subway,
      Rael Imperial Aerosol Kid
      Exits into daylight, spraygun hid,
      And the lamb lies down on Broadway.

      The lamb seems right out of place,
      Yet the Broadway street sceng finds a focus in its face.
      Somehow its lying there,
      Brings a stillness to the air.
      Though man-made light, at night is very bright,
      Theres no whitewash victim,
      As the neons dim, to the coat of white.
      Rael Imperial Aerosol Kid,
      Wipes his gun-hes forgotten what he did,
      And the lamb lies down on Broadway.

      Suzanne tired her work all done,
      Thinks money-honey-be on-neon.
      Cabmans velvet glove sounds the horn
      And the sawdust king spits out his scorn.
      Wonder women draw your blind!
      Dont look at me! Im not your kind.
      Im Rael!
      Something inside me has just begun,
      Lord knows what I have done,
      And the lamb lies down on Broadway.
      On Broadway-
      They say the lights are always bright on Broadway.
      They say theres always magic in the air.
      Best regards,
      Dan West
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