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Nashville Archives

They opened up the new Nashville Archives inside the main library in downtown Nashville. Its at the corner of 7th and church.
Jul 7, 2014

Re: Find William A. Perryman's parents!

I am not a Perryman researcher but I had some extra time. I believe your Wm. A. Perryman's parents were William G. Perryman and Mary Heath Perryman, William &
Marie Cooke Beckman
Nov 20, 2010

Find William A. Perryman's parents!

My ggrandfather was born Jan 1844 in Rutherford Co., Tenn. (perhaps in Murphrysboro) and was, by 1871, in Marion Co., Illinois where he married Martha E. W.
Nov 20, 2010

johnson family

h, new here, seaching for jonathan johnson family. he was born in 1800 tenn, don,t know who is his parents. he marry a elizabeth morgan around 1819,dont know
Peggie Culbertson
Nov 6, 2010

Re: Hello All, may I introduce myself?

Thanks for the welcome, Marie.  There is a little community named Morrow just a few miles from us.  If I can do any research on any of your family members
Doris William
May 20, 2009

Re: Hello All, may I introduce myself?

Welcome to the group! While looking over the names you have listed at your website http://www.ozarkmountainmemories.com/GENEALOGY.html I noticed several that
Marie Beckman Grucz
May 19, 2009

Hello All, may I introduce myself?

I hope I'm in the right group looking for Lincoln County, Tennessee. I live in Cane Hill, Arkansas. I've worked on my family history off and on for 20 years.
May 19, 2009

Cokers in Tenn.

Howdy from Texas. I have been researching my husband's Coker family line for many years. I would like to swap Coker family information with anyone who might be
Nov 30, 2008

edith mason died 1870 tennessee

i have an old photo of a woman by the name of edith mason on back of the picture it says she died april of 1870,who was she? anyone know? thankyou in advance
Nov 7, 2008

Some TN Death Records online

Just in case any of our researchers have missed hearing about these death records. http://register.shelby.tn.us/ Column to the right Death Records 1949-2005
Marie Beckman Grucz
Oct 21, 2008

Re: Payne and Keith Family members

Yes, I sure would. Don't know where to get started. I guess with parents on either side or brothers and sisters. I have some pictures and information. There
Peggy gropp
Oct 21, 2008

Re: Payne and Keith Family members

I believe that you are talking about my family, I have a Elizabeth francis Keith who married John Payne, would you like to share information? my e-mail is
Marilyn Marquardt
Oct 21, 2008

Payne and Keith Family members

I have been doing family research for a few years, (Mayberry & Fox groups) but now wat to concentrate on my grandmother's side. Her maiden name was Ollie
Oct 20, 2008

Re: Campbell, Rittenberry and Whitehead and Hancock -- Putnam Co. Te

have you searched the census prior to her marriage to see if she and her family are living near her future husband? If you don't have access to census records
Marie Beckman Grucz
Oct 20, 2008

Searching For BECK family members!!

Wanted to say hi to everyone. I from Arkansas and recently started researching my ancestors. Found that alot of Beck's came out of Marshall and Bedford
Mar 6, 2008
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