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Middlefaire-Early April Update

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  • Paul Delacroix
    Building Season Starts This Month: - Building season starts April 21, the third weekend of this month. This will be our standard schedule every year. From
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 4, 2007
      Building Season Starts This Month:
      - Building season starts April 21, the third weekend of this month.
      This will be our standard schedule every year. From Halloween to
      Income Tax Day will be the building off-season. Under normal
      circumstances, building construction will be limited to weekends
      - Our 2007 Built Booth Specialty Lease Agreement is written, and
      ready to be read by vendors interested in constructing a “hardshell”
      booth on the premises. Interested parties need to not only contact
      me via private e-mail, but come out to the site and stake/measure a
      ground space area on the lanes, prior to signing.
      New Faire Construction Projects:
      * The culvert bridge out by the front gate will be rebuilt as a solid
      arched structure with stonework, similar to the one shown in the
      drawing on the website.
      * The towers and walls at the front gate will be decorated in Tudor
      fashion with wood, plaster work, and flagpoles.
      * The Wharf Stage will also be decorated, as a work in progress.
      * Preliminary road work will begin on the main street of the village,
      “Castle Street”, and signposts and structure will be developed at
      its intersection with Haymarket Square’s popular “Church Street”.
      * The tavern will be decorated on the interior and its gables cobbed
      in with wattle and daub style plaster work. 
      * We will begin building in-ground bench seating for stage areas.
      * A billboard facing our Highway 171 frontage will be constructed.
      Talent and Thespians:
      * I’ll be sending our previous performers new contracts in the mail
      shortly. Stage fee structures will be roughly the same as last year.
      The comp food situation will be improved with our own hot food
      concessions. (See below.)
      * As a reminder, if anyone reading this wants to be in cast as a pirate
      or villager or royal or so on, contact Fafnir Crow on this mailing list.
      Hot Food Booths:
      Beginning this year, we will have Middlefaire hot food booths, in
      addition to welcoming a variety of outside food vendors to the festival.
      As the faire grows this will remain my policy on food concessions—a
      mixture of outside vendors with our own “kitchens”. At many festivals
      the faire monopolizes the food concessions for reasons of profitability.
      I don’t believe in doing this; I feel added food choices are an attractive
      bonus for the guests, and we can’t offer them too much variety. It’s all
      part of putting on a good show, IMHO.
      Feast Issues:
      There will not be a Royal Feast this year. Of all the faire’s activities
      last October, this was one of our only rough spots. I actually ended up
      refunding the ticket prices to the Feast to most of the guests who had
      participated in it. I’ve made the decision to temporarily pull the plug
      on the Feast concept until our facilities for in-house food and beverage
      are slightly more developed. When we do tackle a new feast, I intend to
      truly give the guests their money’s worth. Put it down for our next
      festival ‘down the road’.
      There will be participant camping this year. It’s unknown what area
      of the field this will be assigned to, at this writing. We may create a
      fenced-in/walled off vendor’s campsite in the Haymarket Square area.
      Actor’s camp will be in the backstage area near the office/workshop.
      Power and Electricity:
      -Potable water has been piped into the faire through a set of hydrant
      manifolds near the front gate.
      -Electricity for the village is still in the works at this writing. We hope
      to have a transformer pole in place before the end of May.
      - I have made the decision in light of heavy rains to invest further in
      grass development on the village site and in its parking field. Coastal
      bermuda, which was planted last year--but stunted due to an extreme
      drought--will be cultivated and professionally weeded, groomed and
      fertilized on a five-year growth plan. We hope to have a good carpet
      of fresh pasture grass established in the village within a couple of years.

      Best wishes,

      Paul Delacroix
      mka K.G. Tuma
      the Middlefaire Company, Inc.

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