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Brotherhood of the Gulf Party and Gathering of Pirates

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  • Steve Sanders
    On June 21, 2008, the Brotherhood of the Gulf will have a huge get-together on the grounds of Middlefaire in Hillsboro, Texas.  The party starts at 2:00
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      On June 21, 2008, the Brotherhood of the Gulf will have a huge get-together on the grounds of Middlefaire in Hillsboro , Texas .  The party starts at 2:00 PM and will go on as long as people want to hang out (that includes being able to camp onsite for Saturday night.)  There will be live music, pirate poetry readings, soft drinks, and a chance to audition for the cast of Middlefaire for the coming season.


      We’ll also be talking about the future of the Brotherhood: what should the articles say?  Do we want to charge dues and then put out a newsletter?    


      There will also be a Pirate Olympics that you can compete in for amazing prizes!  The Olympics will include PYRAT (pirate bingo), Bluff, Pirate Trivia, and Captain Morgan’s Revenge.  The prizes will be donated by Blackbead’s Treasure Chest.  


      Bring something to eat with enough to share and it’s BYOB for alcohol.  I plan on putting some meat on a grill and making some boucan and I’ll have enough to share.


      The purpose of the Brotherhood of the Gulf is going to be manifold –


      1)      This is going to be a group that is designed to have fun together: trips to PyrateCon, Pirates in Paradise, and other pirate festivals, a group of people to hang out with when you go to Scarborough Faire, or TRF, or LRF, or ANY of the local faires like Middlefaire (the groups home port), or Scarlet’s or Lawton, etc.

      2)      This is going to be a group that can provide a group of reenactors when called for – sword fighting and the use of gunpowder weapons will be discussed as will the presentation of a living history setting for the public when called for.

      3)      This is going to be a group that entertains as well.  We want to be able to put together lane acts for Middlefaire (and elsewhere as we grow) that can perform for the public (for one, Captain Jasper and I are talking about putting together an act that includes a simulated knife fight.)

      4)      Finally, this is a group that is going to undertake charitable events when possible.  I already have experience with Relay for Life and there are others out there with similar experiences.  Can you imagine a group of us dressed in full garb doing one of the Heart Association walks?  The interest that we would draw for this fantastic cause?


      So, come out and get to know us – once you have, you will want to be a part of this effort!


      PLEASE feel free to pass this on to ANYONE you know who might be interested!!

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