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[middlefaire] General Vendor Info Update

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  • Paul Delacroix
    Tent Booths: On tent booths, we have two size categories: (1) Small- 12 x 12 = $25/weekend (2) Large- 16 x 20 = $40/weekend These are just generalized size
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 1, 2007
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      Tent Booths:
      On tent booths, we have two size categories:
      (1) Small- 12' x 12' = $25/weekend
      (2) Large- 16' x 20' = $40/weekend  
      These are just generalized size ranges...we're not really very
      strict.  (No one has yet had their booth measured with a tape.)
      Basically, a "small" booth is roughly the size of a 4-legged
      open canopy, and a "large" booth is roughly the size of an
      enclosed tent pavilion. We hope that will accommodate most
      The tent vendor contract is ready to mail out. Interested parties,
      let me have your postal address, and I'll drop you a packet in the
      mail ASAP. We need to go by mailed packets only this year,
      because all vendors (indeed all faire participants) will be required 
      to sign a Hold Harmless waiver. 

      Booths that are much bigger than 16' x 20' will generally be
      limited to hardened booth structures (i.e., buildings).
      Hardened Booths:
      General guidelines below--the following is subject to change in
      the next few weeks as we draw up our legal papers: 
      -'Ownership' refers strictly to a 'tenant'-'landlord' relationship;
      the faire owners will comprise the 'landlord' of all physical property,
      as well as owners of the land upon which it is built. (This is pretty
      standard with private land corporate faires.) Essentially if you build
      and own your booth you have control of the building and its rent per
      -If you build a booth, you will lock in contractually at the going
      rate per square foot of space per weekend as written in your 
      contract, for a lease period of ten years. The going rate per
      square foot may slide up in price as inflation marches upward
      and the faire grows.
      We seem to be in an inflationary cycle now, so locking in this
      way may be advantageous for merchants. 
      -Booths built by their tenant owners will be leased at the rate
      of 12 cents per square foot per weekend. ThatÂ’s the going rate
      for 2007-2008. This will refer to ground space only--there will
      be no additional charges for square footage of lofts, second, or
      third floors. I am adding that budget incentive to encourage the
      building of multi-story merchant booths, which are really more
      period than the wide, sprawling one-story shops built at a lot
      of other faires.
      -Regarding building, let me remind everyone that we have a
      special--this year only--for vendors who build their own booths;
      for the first three years of building ownership, you will receive
      free rent at all Middlefaire festival events (including off season
      festival events).
      -Camping will be available onsite this year for all craft vendors.
      We're still working on specifics.
      -Unknown whether or not there will be hot showers at this point.
      However, there are running water hydrants already piped into the
      village and these can be used for solar showers. These hydrants
      do supply potable water, incidentally---so they can be used for
      drinking, cooking, or handwashing.
      -Building season for vendors will not start until April 1st.
      -The faire contract for builders is a work in progress. Please
      bear with us. This contract should be finished around March 15.
      -We encourage you to go ahead and ask for vendor packets if
      you are a second year craft vendor--if you act early we may be
      able to earmark you some good spots before the booth builders
      claim them. (All four corners of the lanes at Church Street and
      the main street are taken for building, at this writing.)
      -I also encourage all our craft vendors to join our second Yahoo
      list, middlefairecraftvendors@yahoogroups.com. This list will be
      for on-topic discussion of faire vendor issues only, and will likely
      include some future info and discussions that don't make it to the
      general discussion Middlefaire Yahoo Group.

      Best wishes,

      Paul Delacroix
      mka K.G. Tuma
      the Middlefaire Company, Inc.

      Everyone is raving about the all-new Yahoo! Mail beta.
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