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History of Maine Homeschooler Program with Tom Blake

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  • Laurie Wolfrum
    Saw this on another email list and it looked interesting.  Wanted to pass it on...Laurie     History of Maine Homeschooler Program with Tom Blake Posted by:
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 6, 2010

      Saw this on another email list and it looked interesting.  Wanted to pass it on...Laurie



      History of Maine Homeschooler Program with Tom Blake

      Posted by: "Shay" sbellas@...   shaybellas

      Tue Jan 5, 2010 4:29 pm (PST)

      History of Maine-a Hands on Approach

      Course Description: This is an 8 week, 16 hour course that is fast paced, entertaining and challenging yet fun for the student. While the class offers a touch of geography, archeology and ecology; the primary focus of the class is studying the history of the State of Maine. The class contains a mixture of field trips, guests, lecture and discovery!
      A portion of most classes will be spent on current topics in Maine today.

      Dates: The course begins on March 16th and is offered Tuesday from 10:00-12:00 AM with two classes in March, April, May and June with the final class on June 15th. As six classes are outside, we may postpone during extreme weather conditions.

      Location: The home base will be held at historic Southern Maine Community College in South Portland. The classroom will be held in Machine Technology (room 110) with five classes off site. Normally the students will meet at the off site location but on occasion the field trip may leave from SMCC. Due to the weather and general logistics of the class, locations are subject to change.

      Text: There is no required text for the class but a variety of handouts will supplement the class. Many of the site visits will also offer reading materials. The main handout will be a 3-4 page chronology of Maine history that will be referenced throughout the course.

      Ages: The class is geared for those 8-12 but older students are welcome if they'd like the tours or a beginning course in Maine History.

      Cost: The cost per child is $140 for the class. The cost includes all entrance fees but does not include transportation cost. It is expected that the parents will car pool during the site visits. There will be a $20 per child reduction for families with more than one child. Parents requesting tour entrances must pay their own entrance fees and register with the instructor beforehand.

      Class size: There must be a minimum of ten students for the class to take place. The maximum size will be 20.

      Certification: Those students attending at minimum 70% of the classes will receive an original certificate of participation.

      Instructor: Tom Blake is a retired Firefighter/ Paramedic from the South Portland Fire Department and was a founding member and past President of the South Portland Land Trust. Tom has a Masters Degree in Education and has been teaching a variety of subjects since 1980. Currently Tom is an adjunct faculty member at SMCC where he teaches the History of Maine. Tom is also a Councilor at large for the City of South Portland, past Mayor, and has been active in environmental issues with the City. Please contact Tom at 207-799-5723 or at Teblake@aol. com for questions, to register or to ask for payment options.

      Class Descriptions

      March 16 SMCC Discussion on the universe, planets, earth, continents, countries, states and Maine. Through the use of a globe, maps and power point, the students will be introduced to Maine and its relevance to Earth. This class will view Maine pre humans to the introduction and development of Native Americans prior to European discovery. There will also be a review of upcoming classes and adventures. This will be a good class for all parents to attend.

      March 30 SMCC Discussions on Maine from European discovery through Statehood. This will be followed by a one hour walking tour of Historic Fort Preble where SMCC sits. The students will be awe struck with the panoramic views and marvel at the crystallized spiders in a rarely visited portion of the old fort. Dress warmly and bring a flashlight! The students will at this time have an opportunity to sign up for a feel good Fort Preble rehabilitation work day in April.
      http://www.smccme. edu/

      April 13 Portland, Longfellow House We will meet at 489 Congress Street for an opportunity to follow in the footsteps of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and feel his presence in the room where he wrote "The Rainy Day." Following the tour of his home we will have a visit to The Maine Historical Society Museum exhibit and library with a brief presentation on some of their offerings.
      http://www.mainehis tory.org/ house_overview. shtml

      April 20 Portland, Victorian Mansion We will meet at 109 Danforth Street for a 90 minute tour of one of America's grandest examples of Victorian architecture build just prior to the Civil War. This eye opening tour will be followed by a 30 minute walk around the diverse historic neighborhood.
      http://www.victoria mansion.org

      May 11 Broadway and Evans A walking tour of Barberry Creek Woods followed by a walk along Forest City Beach. This tour will include some ecology as well as archeology. We will adventure through Barberry Creek Woods where we will look for signs of the past through old trees, alewive hatcheries and other discoveries. This is a great location for a picnic lunch.

      May 25 SMCC For the first hour of our final class, we will look at Maine's history from Statehood until today with a focus on family and community life. The second portion of the class will focus on selected topics on Maine that the students have collectively pre selected.

      June 8 Portland's Eastern Cemetery After walking through the historic and quaint cemetery we will drive to the Eastern prom for a short visit to several historic markers. We will then visit the Portland Observatory (America's oldest) for unmatched views of Casco Bay and Portland!
      http://portlandland marks.org/ observatory/

      June 15 The final class will be held at the home of the instructor at 195 High Street South Portland. We will begin with a tour of the 1880 sea captains house (with a French flair), view a unique 1885 cistern and a number of historic items. We will then take a one hour walk through historic Ferry Village and have a sampling of archeology. The walk will include a knock on several doors and a walk through an old schoolhouse. The class will conclude with a pot luck lunch and spa at the instructor's home if the students and parents have the interest. Certificates of completion will also be available.

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