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Exchange students looking for home

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  • homeschoolfatdog
    Just spoke with this nice lady who is trying to find homes for these exchange students.... Call Patty if your interested or want more information. Patty
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 18, 2008
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      Just spoke with this nice lady who is trying to find homes for these
      exchange students.... Call Patty if your interested or want more
      information. Patty Keyes 338-6919

      "LABO International Exchange Foundation was founded 40 years ago to
      promote cultural appreciation and international friendship. LABO
      (language laboratory) is very much like a 4-H or Girl/Boy Scouts
      organization, with local groups and a national office that
      curriculum, hires tutors, and administers a full-time summer camp for
      language study and group fun. Every summer, Japanese students,
      of LABO, visit overseas in our country, as well as Canada, Mexico,
      Australia, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Brazil, to name a few. There
      are opportunities to send our own American students to Japan in the
      summer as well.

      The teaching philosophy is very much like homeschooling. LABO
      that learning language is best done in a family environment with
      who care about the learner. Their local group meetings focus on
      learning by doing and saying aloud, like learning plays bilingually,
      and acting them out to reinforce memory kinesthetically, games, and
      done in good fun. For older host kids, homeschool credit hours
      foreign language studies can be earned in an enjoyable way, and a
      Self-Design Course Description is available to those who would like
      make the most of the summer."

      We still have need of host families in Maine. We have several kids
      still do not have a home to stay in this summer. There is a
      Orientation meeting, June 28th; the kids arrive in Maine on July
      we have a picnic so that they can touch base with their chaperone
      August 9th; and departure from Maine is August 20th.

      Host families are encouraged to treat their visitor as a member of
      family. The goal is to visit a 'normal' American family and no
      trips or entertainment are expected. The visitors come with their
      spending money, and while we would expect you buy them a dinner at
      McDonald's with the rest of the family, they are to spend their own
      money on high-ticket admissions to attractions. Church attendance is
      expected if that is normal for you, and many host families make a
      of sending their kids back to Japan with a Bible in their own
      One child in your family of comparable age is designated "host
      and takes primary responsibility to play with, encourage, and guide
      your visitor. Extra room is not needed, as it is strongly advised
      the visitor stay in the same room with the host child. Penpals are
      encouraged if folks sign up early enough, and most Japanese kids have

      If anyone is interested, please contact Patty Keyes, Maine State
      Coordinator, 1014 Swan Lake Avenue, Swanville, ME 04915, (207)338-
      (if possible, by June 30th, though we won't turn you down if after)
      apply to be a host family. The following is a list of children that
      still do not have host families. Could you find room in your heart
      a child this summer?"

      Masafumi born 11-02-95 likes baseball, track and field, skiing,
      calligraphy, sports, and shopping. HE is cheerful, eager to speak
      English, and make many friends. His favorite subject is PE. HE has no
      allergies or health concerns.

      Yusuke born 1-29-93 likes baseball, making plastic models, swimming,
      bike riding, listening to music, cooking, camping, BBQ, history, and
      science. He is social, tidy, and curious. He loves baseball and would
      like to see a major league game.

      Masamitsu born 6-27-94 has no allergies and likes baseball,
      track and field, music, camping, eating, and sports. HE is talkative,
      cheerful, curious, tidy, and tolerant. HE would like to go to camp,
      play baseball cook and play with you!

      Taisuke born 7-22-95 is not allergic to animals but does not like
      animals very much and has requested not to have animals inside,
      He likes to read cartoons and books especially detective stories. HE
      enjoys music, friends, eating, swimming, social studies, and is
      talkative, curious, and likes to laugh.

      Tomoya born 6-19-92 has no allergies and likes baseball, sports,
      reading, and history. He wants to see AMerican traditional places and
      buildings and play baseball with you. HE ennjoys laughing and values

      Masaya born 7-7-94 has no allergies and likes soccer, swimming,
      camping, sports, and eating. He is eager to know AMerican life and
      with you.

      Takuma is 13 years old and has well controlled epilepsy - he takes
      medication. HE is eager to watch the Olympic Games with you and also
      enjoys watching baseball, and playing. He is allergic to dog and cat

      Yotaro is 14 and has mild pervasive developmental disorder (PDD). HE
      high functioning. HE is talkative, enjoys laughing, fishing, cycling,
      swimming, Japanese chess, drawing cartoons, and choral. HE has no

      Goto is 14 and has mild Aspergers Syndrome. HE is curious, enjoys a
      good laugh, playing video games, and the computer.

      Mao born 9-30-94 has no allergies and likes cooking, ballet dance,
      drawing. She wants to do many things with her family .Her favorite
      subject is English. She likes to laugh and is tolerant.

      Shiho born 5-19-95 has no allergies, likes swimming, tennis, music,
      origami, and cat's cradle. She is talkative, and likes to laugh and
      advanced swimmer.

      Yuka born 8-23-94 no allergies, likes comics, music, track and field,
      cooking, shopping, swimming, and is tolerant, patient, and curious.

      Hitomi born 4-24-94 - no allergies. She wants to contact many
      see the horizon (she lives in Tokyo), watch soccer and baseball
      and learn the culture. She plays the trombone and basketball, listens
      to music, and likes to e-mail. She also enjoys painting and drawing.
      She is talkative, curious, and likes to laugh.

      Akari born 6-7-94 - no allergies, likes fantasy and comics, walks,
      drawing. She's love to live using English, make lots of friends, go
      festival and museum. She likes camping, singing, walking, and is
      cheerful, talkative, and likes to laugh.
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