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669Cleaning Out

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  • singleparenthomeschool
    Nov 26, 2013
      Our family is nearing the end of our homeschooling journey and it makes me sad to see all the things we have around that we no longer need/use, so I'm cleaning out.  So far, I have three boxes of books and science curriculum.  

      If you are in the Camden area and willing to travel, and have a need, please email me.  I'd like to get this stuff out of my house  before Christmas.  What I can't pass on to homeschoolers will be going to Good Will.  

      Please feel free to email me at maggieraye@... - please do not reply to this post as I'm unlikely to see it - or call me at 207-763-2943.  

      No set prices, if you can make a contribution, great, but mostly, I just want it to be out there for those who might have a need.

      Blessings, Raylene
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