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642Re: What's it like for Unschoolers?

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  • becky4600
    Aug 12, 2013
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      Hi Kerry,

      Though I am not an unschooler, I think I have a unique perspective on this because My family and I moved to Topsham from MA last fall. I have to say, the slower pace of life and being out of the city is fantastic. We are loving life up here. However, when it comes to homeschooling, Maine is not nearly as organized as Mass is. It is possible that I just haven't gotten connected in the right places yet, but it certainly isn't for a lack of trying on my part. I have come to the conclusion that it is because the population of homeschoolers is so spread out up here and you really "can't get there from here" or at least not quickly. :) We went to the theater regularly in MA/RI and participated in lots of activities. I had a monthly support group that I attended and even an end of the year "field day" for the kids. We were evenly located between Boston, Providence, and Worcester so we pretty much had anything we wanted to do available in under an hours drive. It is Not like that anymore. All that being said, we wouldn't trade the woods in the backyard and safe quiet neighborhood for all those activities. We are finding things to do and I have started a playgroup and have decided to try to set up the things I miss for myself. The year round farmers markets and lots of nearby farms and 4H groups are great. Topsham Rollerworld started homeschool skate the second Friday of every month. I have also never gotten any negative response up here when people find out we homeschool. Everyone has thought it "a great thing" and "very cool" :)

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      > Hi there,
      > I'm Kerry and my husband, 3 kids (soon to be 4!) ages 2, 4, and 6 and I are currently unschoolers in Boston but are seriously considering leaving the city and finding a rural homestead up north. We love midcoast Maine (I went to Bowdoin), and are leaning towards that area for a move, but I'd love to hear more about what the unschooling community is like. We don't follow any curriculum but enjoy various classes and learning through everyday living. Are there a fair amount of unschoolers in the area? Do you find the midcoast area to be welcoming to and tolerant of homeschoolers in general? Do you find you have an embracing and active homeschool community for your children?
      > I'd love to hear your thoughts and advice on this! Many thanks!
      > Kerry
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