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  • Hello, all I'm a retired computer engineer who shares your affinity for the "Good old days". I normally don't chime in unless I have something useful to say. Regarding the wire wrap bits, I may have a spare set (bit and sleeve) somewhere. I will look around for it and let you know. Regards, Frank --- In midatlanticretro@^$1, "Evan Koblentz" wrote: > > >> Do you need both the bit...
    'bama'boy Mar 10, 2013
  • Do you need both the bit AND the sleeve? They are sold separately. Also, the bits are sized for specific wire gauge. I assume you want #22-24 awg? --- In midatlanticretro@^$1, "Jeff Jonas" wrote: > > I finally got an OK brand wire-wrap tool: > the one where you squeeze the handle. > Does anyone have spare bits for it? >
    'bama'boy Mar 9, 2013