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  • >> Did this pickup happen? Did you also get the poster that was shown in the ad? Yes, Don bought it and delivered it to the museum yesterday. But he said there was no poster. I can't explain that picture.
    Evan Koblentz 1:04 PM
  • Only a few museum visitors today. Everyone was at the beach... Don C. brought the Unix PC. I didn't have a chance to try it.
    Evan Koblentz 6:35 PM
  • Hey cool kids, Now you can order my book, "Abacus to smartphone," on old-fashioned dead trees! The best link is https://www.createspace.com/5596053 ... it'll be on Amazon in a few more days, but this other way is the same price to you, yet it doubles my royalty. Still preparing a Kindle edition... Later today, everyone who bought the PDF version will get an email with the "1.x...
    Evan Koblentz Jul 4
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  • >> I'm from Philadelphia, PA. Great. We have lots of people in Philly + surroundings.
    Evan Koblentz Jul 4
  • Thanks everyone for your insights and opinions. I'm probably going to use Amazon after all. The smaller companies have a bunch of catches/gotchas that mean nothing to readers but matter to authors.
    Evan Koblentz Jul 2
  • >> autographed A bunch of people mentioned autographs. I really don't understand why. What value does it add? I'm nobody famous. >> and personalized How so? What
    Evan Koblentz Jul 2
  • >> made from real sheep parchment Electric sheep...
    Evan Koblentz Jul 2
  • MARCHins, I'm considering two ways of making the print edition of my book. One way is "comb" binding. Corey lent me his machine that makes the holes and does the binding. The other way is Amazon print-on-demand which produces "real" books. If I do the comb method, the I can accept book orders and (important) get paid immediately, but the finished product isn't as nice. If I do the...
    Evan Koblentz Jul 1
  • >> If it's not sold in the coming weeks, it will be trashed - which is a shame - but a cold hard reality, nonetheless. No! If it doesn't sell then MARCH will give it a good home.
    Evan Koblentz Jun 30
  • > Indeed I am new to the list. Given the field of interest I'm probably > a bit younger than most - my interest in computers started in the > Apple/C64 era A lot of us are from that era. I was an Atari 2600 / Apple II kid. > Always found the topic fascinating since my father worked at > Interdata/Perkin Elmer/Concurrent for twenty years. There are other alumni in the group. Also...
    Evan Koblentz Jun 29