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  • ...things from that era I do remember well. Besides the Playmates in Lake Geneva, one of them was discussing computer gaming with Mike Carr and probably one other TSR staff member, possibly Brian Blume, at diner during GENCON South in 1978. By then I had my Apple...
    mike@... 4:21 AM
  • ...technology into the right light. I prefer calling them "early" or "1st generation" personal or hobby computers. just my two cents, MIke Willegal
    mike@... 4:35 PM
  • On 3/2/2015 10:21 AM, Evan Koblentz evan@^$1 [midatlanticretro] wrote: > We're doing that in the next phase of museum expansion, as stated a few > messages ago. :) Which I think is really cool, and wish I was physically closer to the museum! Infoage as a whole is an awesome opportunity you guys have out there.
    Michael Lee 8:27 AM
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  • On 3/2/2015 9:52 AM, billdeg wrote: > I agree MARCH should set boundaries of what is "in scope", currently > that is computers in general produced before 1990. This has been discussed many times before, and no disagreements with that. Limits help focus. > That should not prevent anyone from preserving what they personally > feel is historic. However, I'm finding more and more...
    Michael Lee 8:17 AM
  • ...two and see the how the Apple 1 responds. It is also interesting software from a micro-computer history point of view. regards, Mike Willegal
    mike@... Feb 19
  • ...visitors. Worst case, I will tack a Mimeo on my own exhibit, but it's not my first choice. Let me know if this makes sense? regards, Mike Willegal
    mike@... Feb 19
  • ...couple of blog posts that recount my experiences. http://www.willegal.net/blog/?p=2382 http://www.willegal.net/blog/?p=6218 regards, Mike Willegal
    Mike Willegal Feb 14
  • On 2/6/2015 1:18 PM, Kenneth Seefried kjseefried@^$1 [midatlanticretro] wrote: >On 02/05/2015 09:01 PM, Ethan telmnstr@^$2 [midatlanticretro] wrote: >>> More like "killed by suits turning it into a cell phone store". That's the fantasy about RS. It's not really true, at least for the second half of that century. I think the problem was, while cell phone sales would have generated...
    Michael Lee Feb 6
  • On 2/4/2015 7:58 PM, jeffg@^$1 [midatlanticretro] wrote: > > Ok so my Lab-Volt trainer came in, and its in worse shape than I > thought at least as far as the chips go. > Sorry, I'm guessing I bid against you for that! However, I did snag another unit that was available, and perhaps we can compare notes. I haven't received mine yet though, but it's expected any day now. > So if...
    Michael Lee Feb 4
  • This is 8080 code - the first instruction is C3 29 38 or JMP $3829. Though 8008 mnemonics are the same as 8080, the opcodes were changed for the 8080. C3 would be LAD, 29 DCH and 38 is illegal on the 8008. regards, MIke W.
    mike@... Jan 29