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  • Starting bid: US $4,999.97 Surprised there are no bids yet. eBay item number:331537471267 b
    billdeg 4:18 PM
  • Da n/Rich, I have the manuals for my CompuPro System, there is no ROM, but the SS1 has a RAM/ROM space of 4K that can hold a ROM if you optionally want to. The SS1 manual has test routines that I suppose you could put into a ROM, but as far as I can tell nothing came with it. b
    billdeg 9:05 AM
  • Mine is too large, you'll have to pull from vintagecomputer.net/vcf10/
    billdeg Apr 24
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  • obviously useful device. I touch usimg these in my class notes from vcf x vintagecomputer.net/vcf10/
    billdeg Apr 23
  • Kyle, I am less convinced the problem with the tape you made me was the tape, it's more likely to be the teletype reader. IF the RS232 converter was a problem, it was not the main problem in my opinion. I was able to load BASIC using the RS232 converter and a different teletype. I did a lot of playing around with the teletype from the VCF and I have narrowed the problem (or at...
    billdeg Apr 23
  • bare in mind there were complaints in the past that the exhibits were not open the entire time, causing a lot of visitors to be disappointed they had to wait to see everything. There were a lot of visitors who went to see the exhibits anyway, rather than attend the talks. Hard to win. Also hard to attend the Friday stuff when you're busy setting up for Saturday morning. Ideally you...
    billdeg Apr 22
  • Glad you guys stopped by.
    billdeg Apr 21
  • No need to send a tape, I already made one. I was able to load BASIC no problem via serial port on a PC just now. I punched another tape here and it checked out, but I really think that the 680 is just barely fast enough to read in a papertape at all, the RS232 converter may be just enough to keep it from processing the tape input. You just have to stand on one foot and sing...
    billdeg Apr 21
  • I am re-loading the BASIC now directly via serial connection at 110b, bypassing the RS232 converter and teletype to make sure the source file is ok. I already shredded the printout from the bad tape, but I am quite sure it was the tape. Correction to my last email -When I asked you to make me a new tape that the copy was from the file , not the old papertape. My logic was wrong...
    billdeg Apr 21
  • Kyle/anyone interested, At home I have a lot more luck, but I ran into a snag. I was able to load in almost the entire way this time, until I hit a bad part in the tape. From experimenting I found that if the load bombed in the middle you can rewind a hair and start over from that spot sometimes. The tape kept failing in the same spot, so I printed the tape and found it was garbled...
    billdeg Apr 21