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Re: Intel MDS on EBay Item number: 170268336762

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  • Herb Johnson
    ... Well. I m familiar with the early history of CP/M. It s easy to use one phrase or a quote to enhance an eBay sale. The quote from compwisdom web site is
    Message 1 of 53 , Oct 5, 2008
      Christian Liendo <christian_liendo@...> wrote:
      > I have never seen one of these
      > Here is what the seller states:
      > Here is one of the oldest Microcomputers in
      > existance, a Intel MDS devepment system.
      > This unit is what Gary Kildall used to write CP/M.
      > (See last photo to see a picture of his office in the mid 70's that
      > includes an identical unit)
      > A quote from compwisdom web site

      Well. I'm familiar with the early history of CP/M. It's easy to use
      one phrase or a quote to enhance an eBay sale. The "quote from
      compwisdom web site" is actually a quote from Stan Veit's "PC history"
      article from his (memorial) Web site:


      Veit mashes up the earliest history of PL/M and CP/M in that
      description. Based on publications at the time, I know PL/M was first
      developed for the 8008, then migrated to the 8080; then pieces of
      other Kildall projects plus a PL/M file system "became" CP/M for the 8080.

      In my opinion, and I'm reasonably informed and can cite primary
      references, I believe that Gary Kildall first developed CP/M between
      about 1973 and just into 1975; and first ran it on a floppy drive only
      after the fall of 1974 but probably not long after that. That being
      the case, he could NOT have FIRST run it on a system like the one on eBay.

      The one on eBay has Intel Multibus cards. Intel did not produce
      Multibus cards until 1975. But Intel did produce Intellec systems
      using another bus architecture, which they never licensed out or
      named. Gary Kildall certainly had early Intel products, certainly had
      an Intellec 8008 system and an 8080 system. It is likely, therefore,
      that the FIRST 8080 system that "CP/M was written on" was an earlier
      non-Multibus Intellec 80 system, and not the Multibus-based system for
      sale on eBay.

      That said, Kildall certainly DID use later Intel development systems,
      and so he did "write CP/M on" them as well. Just not the first time.
      In fact, parts of what became CP/M were likely written by Kildall as
      early as 1973, as parts of other projects, using emulators and for the
      8008. (There was never an 8008 CP/M). For that matter, Kildall also
      "wrote CP/M on" the IMSAI 8080, as he personally did development for
      IMSAI for their CP/M V1.3 product, as his #3 licensee.

      I talk about all this a bit on this WEb site:


      Herb Johnson
    • Evan Koblentz
      This is the dumbest argument EVER. Fairline: Herb takes history seriously. That s good. It doesn t mean the man lacks a funny bone. Herb: Not everyone takes
      Message 53 of 53 , Oct 12, 2008
        This is the dumbest argument EVER.

        Fairline: Herb takes history seriously. That's good. It doesn't mean the man lacks a funny bone.

        Herb: Not everyone takes history quite AS seriously as you or I. That's good, too.

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        Date: Sunday, Oct 12, 2008 8:58 am
        Subject: [midatlanticretro] Re: Intel MDS on EBay Item number: 170268336762
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        --- In midatlanticretro@yahoogroups.com, "Herb Johnson"
        <herbjohnson@...> wrote:

        > So, I think the only loose thread, is why you were surprised when some
        of your remarks were taken more seriously than you expected. I presume
        you will be less surprised about that in the future.

        I'm not sure that I am willing to have to put *WARNING JOKE* or *
        TONGUE IN CHEEK* as it seems would be required for you. A "LOL"
        denotes a joke. And of course, one can always ask for clarification
        if one isn't sure since written communications are not always as clear as the spoken word. Should I counter with a similarly demanding "I
        presume you will be less likely to miss the meaning of a LOL or smiley in the future."? That reads like a declaration. Is there really
        anything wrong with maybe being a little less uptight and a little
        more civil perhaps? I really hope you ponder that for a moment.

        This list, does it only want hardcore super serious guys? Thats not very inviting to guys less so I think anyway.

        > One comment. I don't think much of using smiley's on statements, so
        one can later say "I was only kidding".

        So a smiley or LOL is never sincere? Its only always meant to have a excuse later on that something was not meant seriously? If I read you correctly thats a pretty negative view and one you should not take on my usage of it.

        Anyway I'll shut my mouth on this subject otherwise for the moment, just food for thought in return.


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