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Machine Language Booting / 4 bit computers/ OT posts

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  • Stan Brewer
    Ah! Another old F*** like me! : ) Take on the B-205. You had to enter machine language instructions until you could load paper tape. Then you had to read
    Message 1 of 7 , Sep 22, 2008
        Ah! Another old F*** like me! : )  Take on the B-205.  You had to enter machine language instructions until you could load paper tape.  Then you had to read paper tape until you could read mag tape.  And once you were really up, you had a drum drive that could hold a total of 4000 words at 3600 RPM.  20 bands times 200 words each.  The drum drive was the size of a small washing machine and used the same about of power.
        It would be fun to put the entire thing into a small single board computer.  Can you still get 4004's ?
      Last I heard Len Bosak was working on putting the PDP 11/70 onto a single chip.

        Sorry about getting a bit off topic about e-bay.  It's just that I'm loosing a dear old friend.  I've spent(and made) many thousands of dollars on ebay, sure will miss it.
        Off topic posts aren't too bad, they allow those of us who have never met to learn a little about each other.  Evan Sapphire (our Scottie) want's to know if she and I can drive your car some?  : )


      ***  The last letter is a "T" NOT a "K" !

      Bob Applegate wrote:

      Sean Durkin <spdurkin@gmail. com> wrote :

      > Does anyone know of a source for diy z80/6502 computer kits? Not sure
      > if I'm up to one of Mr. Briels yet

      A 6502 and Z80 both need a fair amount of support to make them run; they aren't like today's microcontrollers. Vince's KIM-1 kit is pretty lean and still quite fun to play with. There is a ton of software for the KIM, as opposed to building a kit from a small outfit where you've got to figure it all out and get your own code.

      Build the KIM-1, get a copy of The First Book of KIM (on-line in PDF format from many sites) and you've got yourself an excellent learning environment.

      BTW, I learned machine language on a KIM in the 70s. Not that sissy assembly language stuff; real programmers don't need no stinkin' assembler! If you don't have the hex values of the common instructions memorized, you don't deserve to program!



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