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OT: Top Ten Mad Scientists

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  • Evan Koblentz
    I had enough of the cat thread. :) A friend tonight sent me a link from LiveScience.com of the Top Ten Mad Scientists . I disagree with their list. Here
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 19, 2008
      I had enough of the cat thread.   :)
      A friend tonight sent me a link from LiveScience.com of the "Top Ten Mad Scientists".  I disagree with their list.  Here it is, from 10 to 1:
      Johann Konrad Dippel
      Wernher von Braun
      Robert Oppenheimer
      Freeman Dyson
      Richard Feynman
      Jack Parsons
      James Lovelock
      Nikola Tesla
      Leonardo da Vinci
      Albert Einstein
      I think da Vinci should be #1 and Einstein should be #2, if only because da Vinci's work has been affecting the world for a much longer time and in much wider ways.
      However I see some HUGE omissions: Archimedes and Darwin immediately come to mind.
      And speaking of "mind", how about Claude Shannon, the documenter of little thing called Information Theory???
      Or the namesake of my hometown -- one Mr. Thomas Alva Edison?  (You could argue that he was more of an inventor and R&D guru than "scientist", which would also be true for InfoAge's favorite mad scientist, Gugliemo Marconi.)
      Or if they want to focus on the "mad" more than the "scientist" part, then I vote for Drs. Brown (time machine out of a DeLorean), Frankenstein (human reanimation), and Honeydew (general chaos at his lab assistant's pain and sacrifice).
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