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Re: [midatlanticretro] Re: Name for our museum?

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  • madodel@ptdprolog.net
    In , on 07/18/05 at 05:54 PM, ... Like John I m new and haven t said much, but to me there should be an official name like the
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      In <62.5920ad38.300d7f10@...>, on 07/18/05 at 05:54 PM,
      billdeg@... said:

      >You may have walked into a wall with the term "Retro" this has sparked
      >quite a lot of debate.

      >I think your ideas are creative.


      >In a message dated 7/18/2005 1:58:37 PM Eastern Standard Time,
      >infomagic@... writes:

      >> Therefore, "The Retro" could include other compatible collectible
      >> technologies that would broaden the base of interest and support.
      >> For example, it might include tube-based radios... (Only one example
      >> out of many I'm sure.)

      Like John I'm new and haven't said much, but to me there should be an
      official name like the one proposed by Evan - "MARCH Computer Museum @
      InfoAge" or as Jim suggests something with the location (though I'd stay
      away from immediate locale, as locations can change at some point) so
      maybe "Mid-Atlantic Computer Museum", though I like "Mid-Atlantic
      ComputerMuseum @ InfoAge" as that denotes location and has a tech sound to

      As to a cool nickname, people can call it something like the "Retro" or
      the "VinC" (Vintage Computers), without that being its official name.

      Just my haypenny of advise.



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