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Re: CHIP-8/C and VIPER

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  • mikolaym
    Jim, I registered on PC World s site as MattMik, and unfortunately, that s all that has ever shown up in the byline. PC World s servers have been going crazy
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 25, 2008

      I registered on PC World's site as MattMik, and unfortunately, that's
      all that has ever shown up in the byline. PC World's servers have been
      going crazy recently, and they are switching to a new blogging tool,
      so maybe that will change the bylines.

      I think I have written a few things about computer history before, but
      nothing big comes to mind. I would be interested, though, and PC World
      gives me freedom to write about pretty much anything I want. I did
      cover the Trenton Computer Festival. You can read my post at
      I still feel bad that I though Evan Koblentz was someone else. I'll
      have to write an article specifically about MARCH just to make up for
      it. The Vintage Computer Festival sounds pretty interesting!

      Benj Edwards from vintagecomputing.com is actually going to let me
      write an article for his site about my search for CHIP-8 information,
      but it's been very hard to try to locate people in Oaxaca, Mexico who
      haven't been heard from since 1994 (Tom Swan).


      --- In midatlanticretro@yahoogroups.com, Jim Scheef <jscheef@...> wrote:
      > Matt,
      > Welcome aboard! It took a while to find it, but I just read your
      interview on Andrew Tannanbaum in the Community Voices blog. (Your
      actual name in the byline rather than a handle would make this easier,
      although perhaps the PC World search is just brain dead.) Do you write
      about computer history?
      > Thanks,
      > Jim
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      > Subject: [midatlanticretro] CHIP-8/C and VIPER
      > Hello!
      > My name is Matt Mikolay, and I'm a writer for the PC World Online
      > Community Voices blog. I have recently taken an interest in
      > retrocomputing, specifically CHIP-8 and the COSMAC processor. I met
      > Evan Koblentz a while ago at the Trenton Computer Festival, and
      > remembering MARCH, I decided to join. I am currently looking for more
      > information on the topic of CHIP-8 and the COSMAC VIP.
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