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Re: MSX boxen

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  • Liam Busey
    ... I find them somewhat interesting. They re z80 home computers with TI TMS9918 graphics chips. The original MSX standard was a lot like the Coleco Adam but
    Message 1 of 5 , Jul 10, 2005
      > Date: Sat, 9 Jul 2005 13:16:49 -0700 (PDT)
      > From: Chris M <chrism3667@...>
      > Subject: MSX boxen
      > while Im contemplating having something (not
      > commonly
      > available in the US) shipped from the Yucatan
      > peninsula...or where have you...does anyone have any
      > MSX paraphenalia for sale/trade? Is anyone on this
      > list even interested in that stuph? How does an MSX
      > crate rate (with regards to software abundance,
      > expandability, wotevuh) compared to a C64, TI99,
      > Atari...

      I find them somewhat interesting. They're z80 home
      computers with TI TMS9918 graphics chips. The original
      MSX standard was a lot like the Coleco Adam but with
      much better vendor support. The MSX2 standard was
      improved and could match a Sega Master system

      I don't think they ever caught on in the US because
      their niche was already crowded by the Commodore 64
      and Atari 8bits. By the time the MSX2 standard was
      rolled out, the age of 8bit home computers was almost

      Contrary to popular belief, the MSX standard was not
      created by Microsoft (their basic was part of the
      system though). IIRC, it was made by a Japanese
      company called ASCII.

      The MSX is unfortunately an inconvenient machine to
      use in the US. The MSX had its best support in japan.
      A Japanese MSX will allow you to run the platform's
      best software without hacks and outputs NTSC video to
      boot. Unfortunately there will likely be a steep
      language barrier for most American users. Importing an
      English unit could be a good choice. You will however
      have to deal with finding a PAL capable video display
      and adapting the console for 120V AC. Alas, a lot of
      the latter Japanese MSX software was never translated
      for the English market.

      I think there is still something of a hobbyist
      community for this machine. Below is a link to a nice
      MSX FAQ. They're too much trouble/ expensive for my
      interest but I'd love to see one at a VCF East. :)



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