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Re: [midatlanticretro] Exhibit planning - 70s/80s micros - less of the more familiar

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  • Sridhar Ayengar
    ... Bleh! The 8-bit byte is a somewhat random choice in itself! Peace... Sridhar
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 22, 2008
      Evan wrote:
      >>>> The exhibit of 70s/80s micros should be as broad as we can make
      >>>> it. If all we show is what visitors already know (the popular
      >>>> micros), people will brand us as lame - and rightly so! The
      >>>> exhibit should include a little of the familiar (Apple II, C64,
      >>>> Altair) and the more esoteric like Ohio Scientific, rare CP/M
      >>>> machines, etc. There should be less of the familiar (rotate
      >>>> them in and out to keep things fresh) than the more unknown. If
      >>>> people already know about all of the machines, what is there
      >>>> for them to learn at our museum? And that last point is most
      >>>> important. Each exhibit should include information about each
      >>>> machine that explains why it is cool. What are the pioneering
      >>>> features? Was it the first mass market computer of its type?
      >>>> When? Why?
      > You make several good points here. I don't * completely * agree but
      > it gives me some ideas.
      > I think it's very important to permanently exhibit the eight micros
      > from our list -- those are the eight most important ones ever, in my
      > opinion. (It could be compelling to expand it into a "Top 10" just
      > because such lists tend to get people thinking, which is the result
      > that we want! Then again, 8 is a byte / octal, and we could use the
      > occasion to explain to visitors why we chose 8 instead of 10.
      > Seriously!)
      > Regardless of whether it's 8 or 10, I think we should keep those
      > seperate (i.e. one side of the exhibit) with an emphasis on "these
      > are the special ones" somehow and (on the other side of the exhibit)
      > we can explain how it isn't just the top 8 or 10 that are historic;
      > these other computers visitors never heard of are historic too and
      > here's why.... And yes we should definitely switch those up but keep
      > the first 8 or 10 there permanently.

      Bleh! The 8-bit byte is a somewhat random choice in itself!

      Peace... Sridhar
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