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RE: [midatlanticretro] Museum today

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  • Evan Koblentz
    ... cover the windows completely. Just to clarify ... when I said cover the windows completely, I didn t mean cover only the glass panes, I meant cover the
    Message 1 of 66 , Jun 14, 2008
      >>> So, we decided the best approach is to copy what NJARCH and NJHDA did -- cover the windows completely. 
      Just to clarify ... when I said "cover the windows completely," I didn't mean cover only the glass panes, I meant cover the entire window assemblies with a few inches of overlap on all side ... so to our visitors the covered areas would appear as intentional display areas; there wouldn't be any indication of windows behind them (other than one small section cut out for air conditioning).  It would look pretty stupid if we only covered the windows per se!
    • Evan Koblentz
      ... Sent you a private email just now.
      Message 66 of 66 , Sep 15, 2012
        > I spent 5+ years there (4th Fl. Myers Ctr aka. the Hexagon) and I didn't hear anything about any alumni function.

        Sent you a private email just now.
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