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  • Evan Koblentz
    Today was the first day our 8 was on public display at the museum. We had a typical amount of visitors today (around a dozen), most of whom seemed very into
    Message 1 of 27 , May 4, 2008
      Today was the first day our '8 was on public display at the museum. We had
      a typical amount of visitors today (around a dozen), most of whom seemed
      very into computers (sometimes they're not). Everyone today had that 'wow'
      expression when they saw the minicomputer. :)

      NJARC's Harry Klancer was particularly happy to see it in our museum,
      because he used to work on the same model. I suggested to him that he sign
      on to our list here...

      Tuesday night, I'm meeting the plastics guy (see thread below). Going to
      bring him the intact side of the '8 cover so he can take measurements and
      assess whether it's feasible to make two replicas at a decent price for us.
      (Dont worry, I am NOT leaving the original cover with him.)

      I had to bring the cover home today in the passenger seat because it doesn't
      fit in my trunk!

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      Cool. I didn't look at it that closely but I will this weekend. (Might be
      down there Saturday AND Sunday this weekend. There's some kind of special
      "Monmouth County Historal Trail", or whatever it's called, and Fred
      announced at the meeting last night that InfoAge is on the map. We're
      supposed to be open 12-5 both days.

      Also, today I called a couple of local plastics fabricators. One company
      particularly impressed me. As soon as I said "non-profit science museum"
      the guy was very responsive. Said he's been in the field for 30 years and
      he rattled off a list of high-profile clients, including a bunch of artsy
      things, so he 'gets' that what we're doing is special and fragile. Said I
      can bring him the intact original side of the '8's plexi cover, and that
      he'll take some measurements and assess if he can build two new covers in a
      cost-effective manner. From what he said on the phone today, I feel very

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      > As promised, here are some cameraphone pictures from tonight (just
      > 1.3MP

      the plotter on the left
      - what is the nameplate: IBM or CalComp?
      - do you have all the pen accessories?
      - is it interfaced to anything?

      The reason I ask: I have an identical IBM 1627 plotter complete with manual,
      both wood boxes of accessories, and lotsa paper rolls for it!


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