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Re: [midatlanticretro] Introduction

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  • Jim Scheef
    Dave, Welcome aboard! Jim
    Message 1 of 97 , Jul 2, 2005

      Welcome aboard!


      --- david_comley <david_comley@...> wrote:

      > Just wanted to introduce myself and share with everyone what my
      > interests are and what I can contribute to the group.
      > As a hobbyist and collector I focus my attention on machines that
      > I've had a personal connection with in the past. That means DEC
      > machines primarily but I also have an interest in the Microtan 65 and
      > the Commodore PET, neither of which has made it into my collection
      > yet. I am also interested in Sun and HP systems and I have a couple
      > of systems that probably qualify in some way as being vintage.
      > I have a small array of current projects: one is a TTL CPU project
      > that I am about four years into; I am working on an RTTY decoder for
      > the Solaris operating system (for any hams with sparcstations out
      > there); and the other project is a new Linux project to emulate HP
      > hard drives using the CS/80 protocol. I finally decided to take this
      > on after several years of needing CS/80 disks and not having them,
      > and amongst HP collectors there appears to be some interest in having
      > this kind of package available as open source.
      > I'm located in Holicong, PA, just over the border from NJ. I post
      > occasionally to the classiccmp mailing list (and have received a
      > considerable amount of advice and information in return) and I hope I
      > can contribute to MARCH in some way that offsets the debt of
      > gratitude I owe the folks on classiccmp.
      > Regards,
      > Dave
      > KB3HOW
    • Steven Toth
      ... FidoNet! :) My first real email experience, I loved it. I remember getting a point address of my fav BBS based in the UK, the Red Rose BBS (Lancashire).
      Message 97 of 97 , Jul 12, 2015

        In 84, my father moved to the promised land, aka Silicon Valley, and
        while he did the executive thing with various hardware and software
        companies, I got heavily involved in the BBS scene (QuickBBS, shortly,
        and Remote Access for several years, also very active in FidoNet) and

        FidoNet! :) My first real email experience, I loved it. I remember getting a 'point' address of my fav BBS based in the UK, the Red Rose BBS (Lancashire).


        all my advanced students learn vi (I'm a vi bigot and I do realize this
        makes me a Bad Person). They all learn command line C followed by

        Not at all, I use vi daily. Personal preference. Nothing wrong with emacs either, although I prefer vi.


        So, long story short, I'm thrilled to be here and thanks for putting up
        with me!

        A great story, thanks for sharing.

        Welcome aboard!

        - Steve

        Steven Toth - Kernel Labs

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