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RE: [midatlanticretro] MARCH Exhibit Rooms at InfoAge

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  • Evan Koblentz
    ... is the furniture they used as display stands for the exhibits, --and the glass display cases-- It certainly gave it that warmth feeling when walking into
    Message 1 of 45 , Apr 4, 2008
      >>> One thing that made the exhibits in Antique Radio club look really good, is the furniture they used as display stands for the exhibits, --and the glass display cases-- It certainly gave it that 'warmth' feeling when walking into a museum.  We most likely couldn't duplicate that feeling within the next few months for the grand opening, but if a few small steps in that direction are taken, it could really help in the long run. 
      >>> I really think we should look into making use of the furniture in the basement 
      It's not ours.  Most of (if not all) of the furniture in the basement is spokes for by other groups.  This happened several months ago at one of the Wed. night meetings.  My selection on behalf of MARCH was to call dibs on the cubicle walls, but that was democratically overruled by the 9 or 10 MARCHins at last weekend's work session ... you were there, remember?  :)  So we can possibly horse-trade with some of the other groups, but we can't just use that furniture.
       >>> The glass display cases might be a long ways off before we find some really good stuff, but there's usually some quaint pieces of furniture (with some TLC) like this on craigslist thats kinda cheap--something I'm willing to donate one(via paypal) to the museum--. I just found a couple in Middletown,NJ-- but somebody would have to pick this up since I'm not local.
      Thanks, I'll check those out ... pick-up is indeed the common problem here.  Often Fred or Steve can help us with this, but we can't take that for granted. 
    • Evan Koblentz
      Yes -- thanks! ... From: Mike Loewen [mailto:mloewen@cpumagic.scol.pa.us] Sent: Monday, June 16, 2008 10:20 PM To: midatlanticretro@yahoogroups.com Subject:
      Message 45 of 45 , Jun 16 7:22 PM
        Yes -- thanks!

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        Is this what you're looking for?

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        Subject: [midatlanticretro] MARCH Exhibit Rooms at InfoAge

        We were inspired by the Radio exhibit down the hall, but they presented a
        lot of good ideas for how we can construct our room exhibits.

        There are two rooms we can use for exhibits. The plan is to complete the
        work for these two rooms by September 13.

        Space is an issue. To make the best of the space we have we cleared a lot
        of junk to other rooms. We replaced ceiling tiles, painted, etc.

        We need to move all MARCH display cases and/or shelving into these rooms.
        Available shelf/case space will dictate exactly how many systems we can

        As far as systems go, we will use only the best computers from our
        collection, working if possible. Wall space will be used for posters, ads,
        and pictures of systems we don't have room to include.


        Room 1
        A relatively large rectangular room with large windows that let in a lot of
        light. There are also two doors to this room from the hallway.

        +------[ door ]-------------[ door ]--------+
        | {2} |
        | |
        | |
        |{1} |
        | |
        | |
        | {3}|
        | |
        +---[ wind ]--[ wind ]--[ wind ]--[ wind ]--+

        {1} Camp Evans Exhibit (Evan)
        {2} Local History (team)
        {3} 70's and 80's micros (team)

        Camp Evans Exhibit
        Evan will assemble the content for this exhibit. This will be a wall
        exhibit, with a few artifacts. I anticipate that this exhibit will mesh
        into the Local History exhibit. You might find references to the
        ENIAC, UNIVAC and the earliest computer history.

        Local History (later)
        This exhibit will focus on computer manufacturers from the MidAtlantic area.
        Of this classification, the most complete and presentable system in our
        collection is our AT&T 3B2 computer. It works, we have manuals, etc. We
        will also include a wall exhibit and if room other computers such as our
        Commodore Amiga 1000. Do we have a Franklin? We will need more materials
        for the walls.

        70's and 80's micros.
        Altair 8800 (looking for a working serial terminal)
        IBM PC 5150 (the "A" version, very rare) - Bill restoring
        SWTPc 6800 - Bob Grieb restoring
        Commodore PET 2001-8 - Bryan Pope restoring
        Osborne 1 - needs testing
        TRS 80 Model 1 - needs testing
        Commodore 64 - works
        Apple ][ Plus or ][ e - works

        Room 2
        A square room with large windows that let in a lot of light. There is one
        door to this room from the hallway.

        +------[ door ]---------+
        | |
        | |
        | |
        |{1} |
        | {2} |
        | |
        | |
        | |
        +---[ wind ]--[ wind ]--+

        {1} DEC / Mini (Herb and ??)
        {2} "Best of the Rest"

        DEC / Supporting Mini
        We have a number of DEC computers, off the top of my head we have something
        like PDP 11/05 PDP 11/20 PDP 11/40 PDP 11/73 DEC Rainbow terminals, drives,
        printers, you name it.

        Herb's biggest challenge is to decide exactly what to display. He will have
        one full wall similar in size to the Camp Evans exhibit in the other room.
        We could easily fill the entire room with the DEC equipment we have on hand.
        Of the available items the best restored,
        operational, and complete system will be featured. I don't want to
        speak for Herb, his plans may have changed. I will let him advise...

        "Best of the Rest"
        This space will be reserved for a worthy item or two, posters, unique items,
        etc that do not fit into the other exhibits. This exhibit will be along the
        other wall. Clean complete systems, posters, documentation, ads, etc. will
        be used. If there is not enough room for a best of the rest exhibit, I
        suggest we dedicate an entire room to DEC and mini's.

        More news to follow.

        Bill Degnan


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