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Re: [midatlanticretro] AT&T PC6300 questions

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  • Ryan Harvey
    Yahoo cut the attached pictures as they were too large. See the following links in corresponding order for the pics.
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 23, 2008

      Yahoo cut the attached pictures as they were too large. See the following links in corresponding order for the pics.
      P.S. Now that I am at my PC, I have to FIND the driver...

      Ryan Harvey <fieldhippieryan@...> wrote:
      OK, the floppy drive is alot easier to remove than it seems. First, run off and get a flathead screw driver, Look under the drive cage for the drives. Running from side to side, you should see a metal bar that has a tab in the center. Using the tip of the screwdriver, press down on the center of the tab (decent amount of force) and with your free hand try to push or pull the cage out. I can post a picture if you'd like.
      There are two ways of telling ROM versions. First, you can look at the stickers on top of the ROM. Otherwise, you can boot the machine, and at the top left it should list a ROM version.
      The AT&T 6300 will run any version of DOS just fine. If I were you, I would stick with DOS 3.2 or 2.11, from AT&T. They have built in protocals to be able to use the internal clock. See here for details on using DOS 5 and using the clock. See here once you get the HD running. The latter program will allow you to set the time to something more modern. See readme.txt for more info. Oops. Look like I will have to send the program later. I forgot it doesn't have a link online. I have to attach it from my main computer.
      You can use any HD controller you like. AT&T doesn't even have one built in. Just make sure it uses ROM. I have had both Seagate and Miniscribe cards in my PC just fine. Even have an external HD set up on my AT&T I have up and running.
      I have attached some documents that will help you on your HD problems. Just set your jumpers to the correct settings depending on your ROM. If your machine was made in 1984, I expect it to use ROM 1.0 or 1.1. Otherwise, it probably uses 1.43. Make sure first you look at IMG_001, then 002, then 003, etc. Depending on you drive controller, you may have to set it to use different addresses, which also depends on the other cards in your system that use ROM. I never had any problems with that, though. I think I may have some extra drive controllers laying around.
      Yes, the AT&T uses the 8087. Mine has one as a matter of fact. Sorry, not for sale/ If you do find one, make sure to set the switch to reflect that. Wasn't it you I traded my drive setup for an AT&T keyboard? I seem to remember on the forums you asked me, Yzzerdd for my extra floppy drive and HD, about 1.5 years ago. Matter of fact, I am positive. Keyboard works great, BTW.

      Matt Patoray <mspatoray@sbcglobal .net> wrote:
      I am working on an AT&T PC-6300 and I have a few questions.

      How do you remove the floppy drive bracket?

      How do you tell the difernnt ROM versions?

      Do you need to use the AT&T dos version or can I use dos 5.0?

      Do u have to use the AT&T HD controller or can an Everex or Seagate
      one with ROM be used?

      If using the AT&T HD Controller what are the settings for different HD's?

      Does anyone have a NEC V-30 and 8087(is that right math co processor),
      processor they want to sell?



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