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Great day at the museum!

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Today we had a couple dozen enthusiastic visitors! It wasn t a normal day however. This weekend, and every weekend until Dec. 23, there s a holiday model
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 9 9:57 PM
      Today we had a couple dozen enthusiastic visitors!
      It wasn't a normal day however.  This weekend, and every weekend until Dec. 23, there's a holiday model trains display by the Garden State Central Model Railroad Club happening in the hotel dining room.  They're one of the InfoAge member organizations and, of course, their audience is much more general than ours for such events.  So most of their visitors today were families, not single male nerds. :)  -- but most of those families took time to see the rest of InfoAge, too, including our room.  Definitely counts as a "what's good for one, is good for all" experience.
      Meanwhile the (growing!) team of general-purpose InfoAge volunteers (people not associated with any particular club) are continuing to renovate building 9032 with help from the hourly laborers Fred hired.  Section 'A' of 9032 (the room we used for the speeches and big iron displays at VCF) is looking better every week.  Section 'B' is being cleaned up by the folks in NJHDA.  Section 'C' is still storage rooms on one side of the hallways and facilities / MARCH rooms on the opposite side.  As previously explained, high school volunteers painted the MARCH exhibit rooms a few months ago, and now the laborers are almost finished painting our hallway itself.  A couple of new ceiling tiles and some simple carpet, and -- WA-LA -- our hallway will be done!  They're also making some progress in our lobby area, but that may take a bit longer.  (None of the 9032 sections look as nice and as professional as the hotel areas, but compared to the gutted wasteland that it was before, 9032 looks awesome -- the purpose of the hotel is to be InfoAge's showpiece, whereas 9032 and the other secondary buildings are intended to be very utilitarian.)
      Also, I will ask again: does anybody here know a mason?  InfoAge could use the help of a competent and friendly mason, to build a short and simple ramp from our 9032-C lobby to the curb.  It's a short distance (around 10-15 feet, I'm estimating) and also a shallow slope, but the job should be done by experts.  Presumably their work could be written off on taxes as a donation (this would have to be run by Fred).
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