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RE: [midatlanticretro] Something else to preserve: stories from early compute...

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  • Evan
    Bill, Our webmaster is John Allain. John: please ping Bill off-line so you guys can work together. Bill: if John doesn t have time yet, which is
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 7, 2005
      Our webmaster is John Allain.
      John: please ping Bill off-line so you guys can work together.
      Bill: if John doesn't have time yet, which is understandable, then I think we're better off asking every to create a simple .txt file using your table heading suggestions.  .Txt, of course, is something we can integrate later on with anything that comes along.

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      I agree. 
      > This museum has some real

      Allow me to take the initiative....I will create the web database, I do this
      for a living and I have written a web inventory program already. 
      See http://inventory.degnanco.net ...I can customize a copy of my program for
      the purpose of managing the MARCH database.  (compare "plain vanilla version
      vs. custom copy I did for campbells-equipment.com for example).  Among other
      things this system allows a person to send inquiries by item, search, and it
      collects emails.  I can post an excel SS with appropriate fields in files
      section of MARCH Yahoo group, and once returned to me it would be very easy to
      import.   After the initial launch persons can add/edit/delete their own postings
      and upload pictures..We can make it as complicated as you want, but I say keep
      it simple.

      If the MARCH web master agrees I can add an A NAME record to my network DNS
      so that it points to the same domain used by the MARCH web site proper, as 
      /inventory.march.org (don't remember url off hand) in front.  Mr. MARCH web
      master can I have an advance copy of the template/logo to incorporate into the
      inventory program? I don't remember off-hand who this is.  Any objections?  If so,
      *no problem*, I will use this site for myself and anyone who'd use
      unofficially...I have been meaning to do this asap for my own insurance purposes.  :-)

      I agree that it's vital that we use the same manufacturer and model names for
      all same equipment (DEC vs. Digital Equip, etc.), but that's easy enough to
      finalize using known conventions from other sites.  I also suggest one record
      per computer, and that we include documentation, promo/marketing materials,
      software and peripherals.  Anyone want to help?  Here is a starter list for
      fields with made-up example data.. send suggestions.  Note that not all fields need
      be publically available.

      Category (Single Board Computers)
      Subcategory (6501)
      Manufacturer (MOS)
      Model Name (KIM)
      Model Number (12345-B)
      Part Number (MOS-1234)
      Serial Number (0987654)
      Year Produced (1976)
      Condition (mint/near mint/excellent/good/fair/poor/unknown)
      Operating Condition (fully/partially/not/unknown)
      Description (text area)
      URL for additional info
      Inquiry Email (billdeg@...)
      Location (Landenberg, PA)
      Year Acquired (2003)
      Amt.Paid ($999.99)

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