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Re: [midatlanticretro] Re:an interesting story and current status

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  • Chris M
    yeah man, I d like to even take another ride down possibly - not back to Virginia though (AHHHHHHHHHH!). I m interested in those cards for sure - they sound
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 6, 2005
      yeah man, I'd like to even take another ride down
      possibly - not back to Virginia though (AHHHHHHHHHH!).
      I'm interested in those cards for sure - they sound
      totally freaky! :)
      And guys...wish me luck...an item I've been looking
      for for a long long time is on Ebay and ends tomorrow.
      I'm going to have to pay through the nose, cuz I know
      the punk who's already put in a bid. This loon eats,
      sleeps, *****, and whatever else old pc's. I hate him.
      I take every oppurtunity to send him harassing
      e-mails. I couldn't even ever get a response out of
      him, until the day I discovered he was pulling a
      little hanky-panky. Turns out he had a 2nd ebay id and
      I threatened to turn him in LOL. Sure enough, I get
      this response back - like all IN CAPS (like the loon
      that he is) saying it's not "him", but someone he's
      helping to get started out. Sure. And all the same
      crap winds up in both their auctions. Well, I didn't
      turn him, never intended to, just like having fun
      w/peeps now and again. But I know he's going to make
      me PAY for this thing!
      I'm not even going to tell anyone what the auction is
      for LOL...until it's over that is (not that I expect
      anyone is going to lose any sleep over it though).

      --- billdeg@... wrote:

      > Chris,
      > I think I mentioned to you that I have about 18
      > 80188 processor cards if
      > you'd like a couple to play with. they were used
      > for ham radio analog to digital
      > conversion I reckon. I don't know if I'd be much
      > use with the Modula 2
      > project you've just described, but I would help
      > testing if it came to that.
      > I keep plugging along with my random projects. For
      > the past two nights I
      > have been testing 5 14" external drives for trs 80
      > model 1's, III's or ??'s, I
      > have a lot that are of unknown operating condition.
      > I have been cleaning,
      > etc...So far I have recovered 4 that will work on a
      > TRS 80 model 1. My ultimate
      > goal is to find a drive that works on my Lobo Max
      > 80, at least to boot it past
      > the initial "static" screen described by the manual
      > as it searches for an OS.
      > I also have a Lobo twin 8" drive and a Lobo
      > Harddrive (don't seem to work
      > as-is)...The Lobo Max 80 is a TRS 80 Model I super
      > clone, capable of 5Mhz. It's
      > kind of like a Model I with a built-in expansion
      > interface with a suped-up
      > processor. Only about 2000 were ever made ~1982.
      > And it has a wolf on the
      > keyboard. I put up a picture on
      > http://vintagecomputer.net/tandy/trs80_1/lobo/...the
      > pic is yellower than the actual computer.
      > bd
      > In a message dated 6/7/2005 12:33:29 AM Eastern
      > Standard Time,
      > chrism3667@... writes:
      > > I don't know, I just found that story very very
      > cool when it was
      > > told. I imagine it would be also to anyone who's
      > interested in pushing
      > > bits along a wire. I need to go over this dude's
      > house one of these
      > > days, and I'd like to ask if he still has the
      > software. Anyone
      > > interested in setting up a Modula-2 based chat
      > server? Alright don't
      > > answer that!

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