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Re: Bill's party, anyone!?

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  • Herb Johnson
    ... or we can ... out over ... then we ... I think Bill is gracious in offering to be host and caterer and entrainment, and I ll be pleased to be there in
    Message 1 of 9 , Nov 26, 2007
      "Evan Koblentz" <evan@...> wrote:
      > Spoke with Bill just now on the phone. We really need to know what's up
      > with everyone. I think InfoAge is the most central meeting point,
      or we can
      > just get together somewhere in the Trenton area ... true, the latter
      > wouldn't be a "party" as Herb noted, but I'm just as happy to hang
      out over
      > food and brews in a restaurant. Or, if we stick to Bill's office,
      then we
      > can get our hands dirty with high-tech, play some games, hack away,
      > whatever.
      > Meanwhile, to make sure NEXT year's party is bigger, I'm going to use my
      > copious spare time (ha!!!) to do some more advertising/marketing.

      I think Bill is gracious in offering to be host and caterer and
      entrainment, and I'll be pleased to be there in December with Bill and
      whoever shows up otherwise. Strictly on the merits, I think free food
      and a venue and toys and music, trumps either buying ribs somewhere
      and leaving after dessert, or pizza and videogames at Infoage. But
      Bill was first to offer.

      Perhaps next year, a bit of earlier planning and prior notice would
      help others set their expectations and travel arrangements earlier;
      Maybe another venue could be established for those who find Deleware
      too far this year. Ya gotta have the long view on this stuff.

      For that matter, there could be more than ONE venue next year, on the
      same evening, to provide more opportunities for the dispersed MARCH
      community. If Chuck Peddle can give a lecture from Sri Lanka at the
      MARCH VCF, I suspect we could do something similar next year between a
      few venues, to hook everyone up.

      These ideas could be discussed this year in principle for next year,
      while this has our attention. Who has a venue north of central New
      Jersey by next December?

      Herb Johnson
      party animal

      Herbert R. Johnson, New Jersey USA
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